Book Review: The Queen and the Cure

I love books. I love them so hard.

Whenever I start reading a new book by a favorite author. I get a little nervous. The expectations are high…really high.

It’s rare for me to love every single book written by an author but when it comes to Amy Harmon…she’s the exception. This book is pure magic. Pure bliss.

“Some things cannot be healed. They must simply be endured.” Dudes, that’s life. That’s perfection. It’s classic Amy Harmon at her finest.

My imagination has never been this colorful or intrigued by a book before and I’ve been an avid reader for the past 37 years.

“Then she was lifted straight up off the ground, dangling over him from the talons of a birdman, her eyes still strangely blank, her arms reaching for him as she was propelled upward.”

Holy crap people…holy crap. Can you picture it? And I love how throughout the book…from the beginning…the message of love and lifting up your fellow man is so on point. The characters encourage one another to be strong in every way possible…and the fact that the leaders and royalty are so encouraging to their followers and people “beneath” them…so rad!

Kindness has no hierarchy…this book is inspiring.
Imagine if the world we lived in showed such radness…what a different world it would be ❤️

I think this is the first love story I’ve ever read where the readers can literally feel the emotional pain and rage that comes with being in love. You fall in love with all the great characters from beginning to end. You just can’t help but swoon from page to page. Many people who tend to read romance and character driven books, have a hard time reading “fantasy” because the writing is typically for a certain group of people…it’s been like that for years so people are programmed to think it’s not for them because they assume it’s all the same…but Amy has managed to write it in a way where people like me who don’t read fantasy can enjoy it because she writes her words in a way where everyone can understand the storyline…it’s entirely a new genre of fantasy for me, like The Bird and the Sword was. There’s an Amy Harmon element to it just like in every one of your books no matter how different they are. Haha. Does that make any sense?!?

Same goes with historical books…which she did with From Sand and Ash.

She manages to make reality dreamy and humanize fantasy. That’s pure art right there. It’s a God given gift that’s what it is.

Love is hard, but when you can feel the soul of another in your bones…you can’t help to be immersed in their spirit.

You will laugh with the soldiers who are loyal to their Kjell.
You will swoon with Kjell and Sasha.
You will go through the motions and sensations of everything that comes with falling in love.
You will see beautiful things come to life like you never imagined.

This is a must read.
This is a necessary read for the soul.

Nothing like an Amy Harmon Experience.
You’ll find yourself having a lot of AH moments ❤️

Get to it!

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