Family Time: Hide and Seek & Lessons Learned

We just played hide and seek as a family for a good solid hour…like real legit, no mercy, no taking it easy on the kids and no more “let’s act like we don’t know where they are when we do so they don’t get butthurt…” kinda hide and seek.

The players?

A 41 year old little Asian.
A 37 year old giant Russian.
A ninja like 8 year old.
A crazy giggly 6 year old.

If you saw us, you would’ve laughed your asses off.

Josh is the best by far out of all of us. He somehow climbed onto the second shelf of the linen closet and hid himself with bedsheets.

Matty got on his stomach and slid on his skateboard from under one bed to another and hid so well.

That was a great workout for our stomachs from laughing so hard. There was some butthurt crying too cause #2 is bummed he’s not as skillful in the art of H&S like #1. The #2 child syndrome is strong with this one. Has been from day one. *shrug* brothers.

Matty: I’m not playing this anymore cause Josh is better than me!
Kathy: So anytime you don’t win at something or someone is better at something than you, you’re gonna throw a fit and just quit?
Matty: Sometimes…
Kathy: No dude, that’s no reason to quit anything…just because you’re not the best at something doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing or trying. You still get positive things out of trying and just doing things…Like right now, mommy and daddy are having a blast with you guys running around the house…so enjoy it! So have fun with it and don’t take everything in life seriously or you won’t fully enjoy all the wonderful silly moments.

Dudes. As soon as those words left my mouth, I thought to myself, “Listen to yourself, dumbass…LISTEN…and enjoy all of it.”

Today was a good day.

Hope you’re having a good night too.

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