Moms and Dads: Let’s Breaaaaaaaathe.

Moms and dads…

I always hear people say, “The world isn’t new…it’s the same as before…and it will remain the same…”

I used to believe this…before I had kids.

But with the internet and social media all up in our faces, and taking up a lot of our time…I don’t care what anyone says, we are raising kids in an entirely different world than before.

We are so easy to think there is something wrong with our kids because there’s an endless resource of information on all things kids…and whether they are legit or not, it’s there and we’ll believe whatever we want to believe and that’s dangerous.

“Omigod, he’s 6 and he’s not reading at a genius level yet like his peers…”

“Omigod, my kid isn’t potty trained at 3 like my cousins kid…”

“Omigod, my kid isn’t in a sport like my friend’s kid who is in 3 sports teams…”

“Omigod, my kid still gets poop streaks in his underwear and he’s 7…”

“Omigod, he can’t remember to make his bed and pick up after himself…and so and so told me that her kid cleans the whole house…”


We are so quick to compare our kids intelligence and “mindfulness” with their peers…especially with things that are posted or shown on fb or shared on play dates and a lot of us start to panic…and think there is something wrong with our kids or with our own parenting.

If your kids are loved, loved, loved…and taught right from wrong with lessons of kindness, thoughtfulness and gratefulness in the home…You are doing just fine.

We are doing just fine. They will be just fine. We just have to continue to encourage and discipline them when need be, because their little heads and minds won’t do everything the “right way”  immediately. Everything takes time…even the simplest of tasks. It’s a process…just like it is for us full grown humanoids.

When they are acting like defiant little turds, call them on it and fix that crap not only for themselves but for the good of society. When they do amazing things, let them know…lift them up for that will make them do great things more often and effortlessly.

Someone I know who used to be craycray as a kid and just couldn’t sit still at all…just got accepted to start her residency at UCLA Medical Center.

How freakin rad is that!!

Mom’s and dads…let’s just breathe.

I need to calm my ass down. You need to calm yo ass down.


We will be ok. Keep on, keep on.

My Matty says poop 10 times a day, amongst other things I can’t mention 😒, he antagonizes his brother like it’s going out of style, is a perfectionist and can’t read that great yet…

My Josh thinks he’s the new Jim Carrey, he always acts like he’s up for “best dramatic actor in the world” and won’t shut up about Pokémon but who cares…they’ll get over it and we will too.

Overall, they are great kids…just like yours.

Love you long time.

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