Mommy Wears Dresses with Combat Boots and Toots Like a Champ

In a lot of ways, I feel like I’ve confused the whole “woman” thing for my boys.

I burp like a champ: “Wow mom, that was a super cool burp, do it again!”

I fart like a champ:  “That was a beautiful fart, you should get a trophy!”

I drink beer: “Mommy I drink beer with you when I’m 45 cause that when I can have one daddy said.”

When I wear dresses once or twice a year: “Why you wearing that, you freaking me out!”

When I wear heels: “Those shoes are too high and scary looking. Mommy, you gonna fall down on your face and hurt yourself!”

And this:

Josh: What are you doing?
Kathy: I’m putting lotion on my face.
Josh: You never do that before.
Kathy: I am now.
Josh: You’re wearing makeup?
Kathy: Just some lip gloss.
Matty: That looks weird.
Josh: Yeah, it looks weird. I don’t like it on you. You look pretty with nothing on your face.

plus this:

Matty: Mom, I had super cool dream about you!
Kathy: Really? What happened?
Matty: In my dream daddy buy you a dress and you put it on and Joshua and I was saying “Where’s mommy?” and you keep saying “I’m right here!” because we didn’t know who you are because you were wearing a dress.
Josh: Yeah, you never wear dresses.
Matty: And then Josh was super sad cause he can’t see you and then you farted super duper loud and I said “See? It is our mommy…she just wearing a dress!” and then we all go home to our cave and had chocolate and play minecraft.


And don’t forget this:

Josh: Why are we in the girl section?
Kathy: Because mommy is a girl.
Josh: Why are you looking at dresses?
Kathy: Just looking…would it be totally weird if I wore dresses?
Josh & Matty: Yes!
Josh: It would freak me out.
Matty: Why you trying to be a girl now?

Alllllrighty then.

Well, whether they like it or not, they have a tomboy mom who also wears dresses once in a blue moon. So in a way, it might be a really postive thing too.

Maybe we as a society think the way we do because we’ve been told that it’s the norm that women should/have to do what the commercials and magazines say in order to be defined as a woman and if you don’t, you’re considered….a tomboy, a frumpy girl or plain Jane?

Sometimes a woman in a t-shirt, jeans and a ponytail can be just as hot as a woman dressed to the 9’s.

Own it. Work it. Be you. No matter what.

Maybe not all of us have to be one thing to feel beautiful and feminine and be defined and perceived as “what a woman should be and look like.”

Maybe we can start that rumor and make that a “normal” thing 😉

Love you long time,



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