Toxic People are Poopoocacaheads even if they’re Family

I think that you should love your family. I think there should be forgiveness if the bonds are fractured but it doesn’t mean you have to have them be an active part of your life.

Don’t get me wrong…family is IMPORTANT but…sometimes things are so incredibly bad that it is absolutely unhealthy for the mind and soul to have certain individuals in your life. I’m talking about those who are a continuous virus that destroy everything in it’s path…over and over and over again…with a smile on their faces. To me, that’s scarier than any monster in horror movies.

Whether blood or not, hateful and dysfunctional toxic people who disrupt the calm working madness that is your life should never enter your house…especially where your children reside. What you allow will happen…so if drama unfolds…you were part of the undertaking of it all.

I think when you’re a good person and your elders treat you like crap…there’s something wrong with that.
I think when you’re a good person and your elders talk bad about you to your children…there’s something wrong with that.
I think when your spouse is aware of this and does nothing about it…there’s something horrendously wrong with that.

That backbone you never had the guts to grow? GROW IT. FAST.

Family is family but once you get married, your spouse and kids become your family…your #1 priority. Guard their hearts, sanity and happiness with your life. They deserve it.

There are so many things in life we get away with half assing…the happiness of your family should never be.

For those suffering…hang in there…maybe part of the horror continues because you allow it to happen. By avoiding the issues that need to be addressed, you enable bad behaviour and become a doormat.

Don’t be a doormat. Your mama didn’t raise you to be something people walk all over.

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