Two boys, a Corndog and a Homeless Dude

Josh: Mom, the homeless guy just said hi to me.
Kathy: Did you say hi back?
Josh: Yeah I did. He looks super hungry and super smelly.
Kathy: Yeah…he does.
Josh: Do you think he has kids too?
Kathy: I don’t know…maybe.
Josh: Why are they not helping him or buying him food or let them use their shower, maybe they’re mean kids, I don’t know.
Kathy: I don’t know either…everyone has their own story. Some good and some not so good.
Josh: When we go to the market, can we get him some food and give him a little bit of money? I want to help him.
Kathy; Sure Josh, that sounds good. It makes me very happy that you want to help people.
Josh: The last time we were at church before I step on the girls foot, we learn about Jesus and how he helped people and how he wants us to help people too. Make people happy.
Kathy: Yep.
Josh: I want to be good people.

So Josh picked out some yogurt and a corndog for him but when we drove by where he was 10 minutes prior, the old homeless dude was gone.

Josh was bummed but said the man probably got too cold standing out there and had to go somewhere with more light cause he was afraid of the dark like he was.

Next time.

Sure we want our kids to be successful, who doesn’t? But I think success is nothing without the element of human kindness.

And whether you believe in God or not, it doesn’t matter when it comes to being kind and helping the less fortunate. It should be a universal thing.

Needless to say, today was a very good day for the Hongzeff soul.

Last year, Josh and Matty got to see their mom and dad do something fun to help others in need when we did the ALS Ice (beer) Bucket Challenge and donated money. They asked recently if they could do something to help people too and when I asked them if they had anything specific in mind, Josh immediately said, help the homeless people.

Like a lot of people, the boys and I give money to the homeless once in a while but what we’ve been noticing more is signs that don’t ask for money but for food. These folks are hungry.

A few weeks ago I was talking to my cousin Craig and he was proudly telling me about his sister and how she makes packages of food daily at home to give to the less fortunate and I thought that was so awesome. We talk about doing things like that too but we never really do. We don’t have to volunteer with a homeless shelter to help out, we can do it ourselves.

There are no rules in helping people.

So today, we decided to do something we learned from aunt Jasmine who we are so proud of for so many reasons, and put together yummy bags of snacks for some of the people who stand out in the hot sun waiting for anyone to show them any form of kindness.


We’re putting our words into action. Through small acts like this, the boys will learn that helping others without expecting anything in return is super duper rad and wonderful.

Plus, nothing radder than raising kids who have empathy towards others and a grateful giving heart.

So thanks Jasmine and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for helping us light this fire to totally up the want to help others and do it when we can…we are all so blessed!

I nominate all my friends to do this! Ha!

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