4 Things that Annoy the Hell out of Me which I’m sure Annoys the hell out of some of you too.

There’s 4 things that have been bothering me A LOT lately.

1. When a female is not as chippy or bubbly as usual, refrain from saying in a pissed off manner, “What’s your problem, you must have PMS!” It is absolutely normal for people to be moody if they had a crap day or just don’t feel that great…whatever they are feeling, don’t say those 7 dumbass words. Every single person on this planet will get moody, that’s reality. People need to decompress. People are not all sunshiney rainbowy princess lalaland happy all the damn time. The best thing you can do is get the hint and back off and stop badgering them…especially for your own safety. IF you definitely know that a women does INDEED have PMS and it’s that time of the month…BACK THE HELL UP for the sake of your marriage or friendship.

2. Telling a woman she is brave for wearing a bikini in public when she has stretch marks, a not so perfect stomach from having housed babies, or she’s considered overweight by societies standards. Who freaking cares. I personally think making a big deal out of it and saying “Look at me! Look at me!” or “Wow, you go girl!” hurts the way people view women. You can’t be all “Girl power!” When you’re begging for attention or making it a big deal that a woman is wearing a bikini at the beach. Ya know what I’m saying? People should be able to wear whatever the hell they want to the beach and rock it.  Having pictures of normal looking women being passed around the internet to be praised is ridiculous. It’s NORMAL to have stretch marks, it’s NORMAL to have a funky looking stomach after spitting out a few and it’s normal and SHOULD BE NORMAL for women of all sizes to rock a bikini if they want to without a slow clap. Stop enabling ridiculous stereotypes and behaviors.

3. If you ask for my opinion, I’m going to give you my opinion. I’m not going to sprinkle my words with fairy dust and play some cutesy giggle sounds. I don’t play that game. I’ll try to not come off like a bungholio but I’m going to tell you exactly what I think and I’ll be completely honest whether you’re my friend or not because that’s what you deserve. I saw a meme somewhere that said, “I’m not Willy Wonka, I don’t sugar coat sh*t” and that’s TRUTH! Thank God my closest girl-friends who do ask me for help, know me well enough to accept what I have to say and know it’s coming from a loving place. This is why I love them so hard!

For example just off the top of my deranged head:

“I’m having an affair with a married woman.”
OTHER PEOPLE: Ohhhhhh, is she hot? If she’s not happy, you totally have the right to bang her!!
ME: You’re a dumbass. I love you dude, but you’re an idiot.

“Omigod, I can’t stand my wife, I need to tell you everything that’s wrong with her.”
OTHER PEOPLE: Tell me everything!
ME: Why are you telling me, tell your wife what’s wrong with her.

“Um, does this make my ass look fat?”
OTHER PEOPLE: No girl, you look amazing!!
ME: Yes. Yes it does. Let’s go to the gym together. I love you so hard long time.

4. This is one of the quotes I have heard all my life… “You’re so cute but you have the personality of a fat girl, you go girl!”

What the heck is that supposed to mean? I think it was a compliment but it’s kinda horrible, isn’t it?

5 things:

1. I know plenty of skinny girls who have amazing personalities.

2. I know plenty of overweight girls who have horrible personalities.

3. Where the heck did this way of thinking come from?

4. It’s cause of these misconceptions that so many people are misunderstood.

5. Not all men love the same kind of women. Not all women love the same kind of men. Hotness comes in alllllllll sizes.



Me love you long time,


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