The Kindness Train Doesn’t Stop for People with Money…Or So I’m Told.

“The middle class and the rich have everything already so I’m not telling you what to do here or anything but if you want to really do some good, help those who need it and deserve it…don’t encourage people to pay it forward with buying books…tell people to donate money to the homeless and buy THEM coffee, not your friends who can buy their own Starbucks. The buying books for friends is cute but it’s nonsense…there are more important and significant ways to do good and use your money…” – DumbAss


So let me get this straight.

If you have money, you don’t deserve to be treated well, given gifts or told compliments because by society standards, you have it all so you should be overlooked in all acts of human goodness.

6 things.

1) I’m sorry, I had no idea that once you hit a certain tax bracket the kindness train doesn’t stop there anymore.

2) Why the hell does an act of kindness have to always be tied to $$$ and who are you to tell me who I could & shouldn’t spend my money on?

3) Have we really become such a gross society where just because I treat my friends to some coffee, I’m told I am part of the problem who continues to help corporate America out while I leave the poor to starve? That doesn’t even make any sense, dude.

4. If you actually truly believe that books do not:   Bring happiness, have the ability to help heal the broken, is useless to the soul, are not necessary…then I feel sorry for you because you’ve shut out and deemed something nonsense that might open your eyes to see more than the tunnel vision world you see so clearly. I just gifted Mud Vein to her Kindle and then deleted her from my fb.

5) Don’t piss off little Korean Girls…our legs might be short and stubby but we’ve had years of walking fast to catch up to people. My friends will attest to this. I’ll give you a head start…RUN!!!!

6) Shaking it off, letting it go…moving on. I’ve got more important things to do like raise little men to see every single person no matter what the color of their skin is, what their family history is and how much they have in their bank accounts, as someone who deserves goodness and moments that make them feel seen and heard.



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