The Boys Make Me Feel Pretty

At school when I picked the boys up today:

I looked horrible…greasy hair tied back, basically wearing my pajamas and my face is all puffy from tiredness and lack of sleep.

Matty: Josh, doesn’t she look so good?
Josh: You look good with your hair like that. I love it! It’s my favorite of all times.
Matty: You don’t look like Darth Vader with your hair tied like that.
Josh: We can see your face. I love your face. You need to show it more often.
Matty: Shave your head mom!
Josh: Okay, don’t be too crazy, Matty. I don’t think Daddy will like that, at all!
Matty: I think he will super love her anyway.
Josh: Yeah, sometime mom don’t shower for 10 days and daddy still look at her and smile.

While I look like Ms. Swan to the rest of the world, my boys think I can be Miss. Korea.

It reminds me of that great article I read not too long about about moms needing to be in pictures more often with their kids even if they think they look like crap.

Our kids don’t care how messy our hair is or how we’ve gained 10 pounds since Thanksgiving or how disheveled and tired we look…they couldn’t care less about any of that…they’ll look at pics of us years from now and see…mom.

Kids see with pure love and I absolutely adore that.

Life has a great way of making you smile when you need it most.


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