A Human in Progress

Just because people don’t help you the way you’d like them to, doesn’t mean their friendships are worth less or they are not good people…everyone is different…how they handle certain situations is different but the goal is always the same…to love, to resolve, to find peace and to try and live in a dignified manner.

There’s no handing out scripts so people can cater to your needs exactly the way you want them to…be grateful for the love you receive no matter what. Someone is taking their time that they will never get back, to help you.


We can’t embrace our differences while executing those who don’t see things the way you do. We can’t talk about unity when people can’t even speak to one another without an ounce of respect. Theres a million different ways to get the same result…everyone’s journey is different…don’t push people off the road just because they think different than you.

Live gratefully with your eyes and hearts wide open. Don’t treat those who treat you well, so poorly…and if they matter to you…if their friendship means something to you and you come to realize that you have been on the side of cruelty? Fix it. Remedy it. Be better. Make it right.

You’d be surprised at how free you can make someone feel with a simple apology or an acknowledgement of seeing them as more than just an imperfect being…but a rad human in progress.

There is so much beauty in a heartfelt apology.

But even more so, you’d be surprised at how much lighter and peaceful your heart feels after you find yourself being a little more human again.

Love you long time.



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