My Boys Think we’re Going to Live Together Forever…

My girlfriends and I were talking about the hilarious things our kids say to us about the future. This conversation I had with my boys recently came to mind:

Josh: Mom, can we stay like this forever?
Kathy: Like what forever?
Josh: Can you, Matty, daddy and me live together forever in the house?
Kathy: You’re going to change your mind and want to leave us when you get older.
Josh: What??!?! That’s crazy talk! That doesn’t make any sense.
Matty: We gonna be with you forever. Who gonna make food for us and take us to school?
Kathy: You’ll both grow up, discover girls, get jobs and get married someday.
Matty: I’m going to be a doctor and have 6 kids.
Josh: Not me, I’m going to have 2 kids and be a policeman and teacher…a kindergarten teacher.
Kathy: Very nice, I’ll come visit you guys.
Josh: You’re going to see us everyday because we going to live here all together.
Matty: So much fun! Daddy can chase us!
We can go see grandma and han and they can babysit the kids like they babysit us!
Kathy: Awww, I don’t think they will be able to babysit your kids.
Matty: Why not?
Josh: Oh, I know why.
Kathy: You do?
Josh: Because they gonna be at church all the time doing Bible study and eating kimchi and rice and singing at choir practice.

The FEELS kicked my emotional butt.

I barely made it home cause I was all kinds of vrhwklempt and teary eyed.

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