Just Breathe Mom, just Breathe

Something that happened in August of last year. I’ll never forget this:

This happened at church this morning.

The boys were acting completely nuts while I was waiting to check them into Sunday school and right when I was about to lose it, I felt a hand on my shoulder and I heard:

“Just breathe. Your boys are completely normal. This is who they are. I’m the mother of 3 grown boys and this is exactly how they behaved, this is exactly how they are supposed to behave. You’re doing fine, you’re a good mom, you are not alone…just breathe.”

And then she just walked away.

I never got to see her face…I never got to thank her. All I saw were cute Tory Burch shoes.

But in a way…I think that’s how it was supposed to happen.

We as mothers need to do this for each other. Lift each other up. Give an understanding smile. Give a much needed hug or a simple touch.

We need to be that faceless mom.
We are that faceless mom.

So to all my fellow mom’s who are doubting themselves or feeling lost…You’re doing just fine…just breaaaathe.

Love you long time.

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