Grateful for the all out Vomitfest/Stomach flu…yep, you heard me.

Josh got the stomach flu from a classmate and brought it home. In a matter of a few days, we all got it. Good times.

It’s been non stop madness of vomiting, fevers, whining, and pale like zombie creatures walking around in casa de Hongzeff. The high alert upchuck hours have been between the hours of 10pm-5am so this mama hasn’t gotten much sleep either.

But I think the hardcore training that comes with having a newborn and not getting much sleep and still being about to survive and manage to take care of all the things we have to, enables us to get things done and take care of our kids in these times of sickness.

Yep, that’s what us kick ass moms do. We are multitasking ninjas.

In the past few days, we’ve had a number of friends check in on us via facebook, phone call and texts to see how we were doing. We had friends bring over yummy food, offer to babysit the boys so Mike and I could get a break (They didn’t know we were sick too) and send me hot pics of Henry Cavill to cheer me up.


This is the first time we’ve all been this ill together as a family and as much as it’s sucked, I’m grateful.

Yep, grateful. Let me explain why.

I’ve been sleeping with the boys in their room since Wednesday and there’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your kids not feeling well. You know when they are about to get sick too because their little cute faces signal pain and they open their eyes with the look of “help me.” So you scoop them up in your arms and carry them to the bathroom. They say their little feet are cold from the floor so you have your 45 pound kid stand on top of your feet while they vomit. Sure, it hurts like hell and uncomfortable but the pain and discomfort will pass…for both of us and that’s why I am grateful.


I recently posted something on my facebook where I was complaining about the enormous amount of laundry I had to do and how much I hated it . I had a friend who has terminal cancer message me that night and tell me that she was jealous that I was able to fold laundry for my loved ones. It used to be her favorite thing to do but brain cancer is slowly robbing her of everything. She misses folding the little pants of her 5 year old son who loves to snuggle with her when she is at her lowest. She misses ironing the little dresses of her 7 year old who likes to accessorize her moms bald head with pretty scarves. She misses putting away the little super hero underwear of her 3 year old who she hopes will remember her when she is gone. I apologized to her for my post and she said there was no need to apologize, because she was just sharing with me her perspective and there was nothing wrong with what I was saying.

I took the post down anyway.

What my friend told me and this whole sickfest has made me see things in an entirely new perspective that was always there but never really realized. There are families who go through this hardship of taking care of sick kids everyday for months…for years due to chemo for cancer and other illnesses.

There are moms who see their children in pain every night.
There are moms who carry their sick children everyday to the toilet and rub their backs and sooth them while they get rid of the poison from their little bodies.
There are moms who diligently attend to their kids with meds everyday without fail.
There are kids who want to run around but cannot because their little bodies cannot keep up with their strong spirits.
There are moms who pray every night to God to help their children heal.

No mom would wish this kind of pain on any other parent but even through the hardship, they are grateful too for their children…of course they are, as they should be, there is no denying that.

For my little family, this stomach flu will last a week and then it’ll be gone. The vomiting will stop. The boys will go back to school. The playdates will commence. I’ll wash all of the bedding and blankets and Vomitfest 2015 for the Hongzeff family will be a distant memory. I am grateful for that.

10387214_10153029966016885_8198410612136333833_n 10408961_10153029965931885_5705482744436566313_n

I think it’s safe to say that we take our good health for granted most days. I know I do.  Sure, I exercise daily which is fantastic but I still eat like crap and drink beer like it’s going out of style. This whole experience has been a wake up call for me to do the following:

* Not take the kids for granted even when they are acting like little turds.
*I gotta stop saying “But beer is mostly water!” and drink less beer and more water.
*Really appreciate the friends who take the time out of their busy lives to check in on you.
*Be grateful for the little blessings that others only dream of.
*Live life gratefully…always.
*Be there for those who are in need of you.

Now when I see the never ending saga that is crazy loads of laundry, I won’t see it as a chore but as a blessing to be able to wash and fold clothes of those who are growing healthy and strong. I will forever be grateful to my friend who reminded me as to how lucky I am.

Now when I look at my boys running around and screaming like maniacs, I won’t see it as boys misbehaving in chaos but two strong healthy boys with able bodies who are living out adventures only little boys can.

Now when I see mothers who are tired and just in need of a helping hand, I won’t just look at them from a distance and say “I wish I could help..” instead, I will proactively help.

We all have friends who may have just had a baby and they might be totally grateful to have you come over to wash dishes, fold clothes or just help clean up. Don’t just show up, hahaha. Ask first of course but I’m sure a lot of them will say yes to your offer.

We all have friends who may be going through a hard time dealing with death of a loved one…Maybe all they need is for you to just be there to hold their hand and just be…present.

We all have friends who may be going through a divorce or heartbreak. Instead of just giving them advice maybe all they need is for you to just sit there and listen to them while they vent their hearts out instead of analyzing and overwhelming them with negativity or catiness. This isn’t about you, it’s about them.


Count your blessings. Be open to see even the negatives in a positive light. Appreciate those who take care of you and don’ take them for granted. Be there for people who are suffering just because…expecting nothing in return.

I don’t think God blessed us with our lives to live it in a half assed manner. I believe there is a purpose for everything…good and bad. I believe that this vomitfest happened so I can see life in a different way and to step it up a notch.

And yes, I said God and ass in the same sentence, my bad.

Life is fleeting…let’s let it fleet in the most raddest, humbling, grateful and kindest way.

I am so grateful for the kind of people I am so fortunate enough to call my friends. I feel like I am getting better and better as a human being every year and it’s not because I’m some magical person, it’s because I’ve got magic surrounding me. Blessed…infinity and beyond.

Thanks for reading homies, I gotta go yack now.

But before I go…Guess which member of the fam has been the biggest baby in all this…


 *siiiiiiiiiiiigh* TRUE STORY 🙂





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