Are you Really Brothers?

It’s funny how siblings come out of the same womb, are raised in the same home yet can be as different as night and day.

Josh is incredibly affectionate. Matty wipes his mouth as soon as you kiss him and rolls his demented eyes when you hug him.

Matty loves to read, Josh isn’t a fan.

Josh is more slapstick funny. Matty has a very dry sense of humor.

Josh loves peanuts and coconut. Matty hates both.

When Matty is upset, he screams like he’s on fire with Pokeys sticking out of his eyeballs. Josh shutsdown and crumbles emotionally.

Matty fights like a wrestler. Josh fights like the Karate kid.

Josh loves Darth Vader. Matty loves Darth Maul.

Josh gets hurt and it’s the end of the world. Matty gets hurt and shrugs it off most of the time.

If you take something away from Josh, he’ll have a meltdown and then come to his senses. Matty looks at you like he will cut you.

Josh is a bit more careful in how he plays. Matty plays like he isn’t afraid to die.

When they are allowed to play with their ipads, Josh plays games. Matty mostly plays educational games.

When they want something…
Josh: Mom, you’re the greatest parent in the world and so beautiful like a princess. I love you.
Matty: No she not, give it to me NOW! (Pause) Please.


Common things: Both boys are incredibly sensitive, sweet when they want to be, hilarious, are total daddys boys and love to sing and dance.

They are both absolutely nuts but The Hongzeff Boys are such fun happy kids and have super great personalities. We are grateful for that and hope that it will serve them well as adults.

Pray for survival.
Pray for sanity.

My fellow moms… We can do this!

Solidarity! (Virtual fist pump)


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