Little Boys, Supermodels and Everything in Between

Josh: Omigoodness, who’s that.
Kathy: Her name is Miranda Kerr.
Matty: Ohhhhh, pretty giiiiiiiiirl!
Josh: Is she a singer?
Kathy: No, she’s a supermodel.
Josh: She’s a super hero?
Kathy: No, she wears pretty clothes and People take pictures of her.
Josh: Oh, you should do that mom.
Kathy: You have to be super tall and super pretty to be a model.
Josh: I think you’re super beautiful mom and you can stand on a box to look super tall.
Matty: No she not.
Josh: Oh yeah? How about you!
Matty: I super duper big-time handsome Josh, grandma say so…all the time.

As a parent of boys, I’m trying not to do the whole self deprecating thing as much anymore because I’ll just be teaching them exactly what’s wrong with society today if I do. I want my boys to find beauty in all things without a set standard of what it means to be beautiful. People are always talking about how important it is for mothers to keep a positive view of their own bodies so their daughter’s won’t have a negative complex about the female form but I think it’s just as important for mothers with sons.

Beauty shouldn’t only be measured by: 5’8, long hair, tanned skin, and super slim with names like Gisele and Miranda…

It should be a woman who is confident, happy, smiley, healthy and who carries herself beautifully.

I don’t want my boys to think Barbie doll type of girls with tiny waists and high cheekbones are the most beautiful just because society, most magazines, tv shows, and movies make them out to be. Some of the strongest and healthiest women I know are NOT size 0-4, they are bigger and bodacious with curves only a woman can rock…just because a woman is thin does not mean she’s healthy as well.

I want my boys to look at a woman no matter what size, color and stature and find beauty in every perfection and flaw.

I never say or tell the boys I think I’m fat or unattractive even when I feel like it and Mike has never said a negative thing about my looks or weight ever even when I look like a sloppy homeless lady.

Maybe some will disagree but Mike and I believe that the way your kids view and learn to respect the opposite sex starts at home.

My face is starting to look older, my body ain’t what it used to be but I’ve never felt more beautiful until now, at almost 40! The boys look at me: A mom who is 4’11, who never wears makeup, who wears super hero shirts, shorts and flip flops most days and through their perfectly pure, not yet worldly corrupted eyes, they look at me and see a supermodel.

How rad is that?

Love you long time,

Sincerely, Supermodel Kathy





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