Kindness: Cut the Crap

For God’s sake people…kindness is kindness. Why must we complain about everything?!?!

This ridiculous overdone politically correct world we live in now is giving me a headache and I know I’m not the only one.

Sometimes the people who preach kindness are the cruelest of them all…It’s just hidden well behind a perfect smile, a manipulative mind and a wall full of self praise. The invisible applause they hear everytime they open their foul mouths grow louder only to block out the screams of those who are sick of it all.

When did we become a society where we get chastised for the way we show kindness and do good and get criticized for how we spend our own money at every turn?

Unless you are PERFECT and have your sh!t together immaculately and live the kind of life where your actions can never be questioned…

Stop making people feel bad for doing something they think is good and makes them feel good about themselves.

Just because someone has money doesn’t mean you can’t buy them a cup of coffee out of generosity. Maybe they were having a crappy day and you just made them feel important and seen. Doesn’t matter if he’s poor, middle class, rich…whatever. EVERY HUMAN DESERVES KINDNESS If someone wants to show them.

Kindness doesn’t and shouldn’t only be acceptable, ok and limited to those with no money.

So in this crazy ass world, If there is ANY movement happening that screams paying it forward and kindness…

Stop complaining and let it be. It’s a chain of love that can and will eventually reach and touch everyone.

When you kill poopoocacaheads with kindness…it confuses the heck out of them and they start freaking out and start to become more…human.

1. Because there’s no point in being angry and bitter like them.

2. It’s fun to see them squirm.

Lesson of the day: Kill everyone with kindness.

You might just soften someones emotional blow.


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