I Can’t…I just Can’t…But I’m So Gonna Tell You Anyway.

* I can’t blame anyone for the struggles I went through as a teen or in my 20’s. I made some dumbass mistakes and I dealt with the consequences…some not good and some really not good but I’m alive…Aliiiiiiiive!!!!
* I can’t look at someone in the face and honestly say that everything that was wrong with my life was the fault of those around me. That’s just dumb and a sign that you haven’t grown up at all.
* I can’t stand on unsteady ground and say I tried my best to lay down a solid foundation when I half-assed everything or didn’t try at all.
* I can’t give the illusion of being a fantastic parent when a lot of times I leave them to play on their own so I can lay down on my bed and read a little bit of my current favorite book with a beer and a cookie.
* I can’t believe I’m 40…and loving it.
* I can’t say that I don’t enjoy some really well written bomchickabowwow books with amazing thoughtful storylines. They ain’t like the books your mamas read back in the day…
* I can’t say that I am the ultimate SAHM when I have my parents, my Mike and their amazing teachers who make my job so much easier and radder. It takes a whole lotta people to raise rad little humans.
* I can’t say that I spend most of my days productively because there’s days when all I do is take the kids to school, work out at the gym, help my friends out with whatever they need, have lunch with a fabulous friend, wash the dishes, do a load of laundry, pick up the kids from school, feed them, do homework with them, bathe them, put them to bed and hang out with my dude watching movies when I am capable of much much more.
* I can’t and refuse to say that anything bad in my life is due to my parents lack of anything or because they are immigrants. I have never ever raised my voice at them, talked back to them or spoke low of them in any capacity. Some say it’s an Asian thing to not do any of that…I call it a respect thing no matter the ethnicity.
* I can’t believe I get to live out my dream of being a writer with OC Mom Magazine. See mom and dad! Creative writing wasn’t such a useless major!
* I can’t wait to finally FINALLY go on a weekend trip with my favorite girls…one of these days..IT WILL HAPPEN. 
* I can’t say I’m in the least bit looking forward to the inevitable heartbreak of loss that will happen in the next (God willing) 10-20 years because…life happens. This is why it’s so important to have a great support system of family and friends as well at all times.
* I can’t believe I’m going to meet 5 of my favorite authors at a book signing in a few weeks with some of my most favorite girl-friends! We all somehow won limited VIP tix for the event too, separately. How rad and miraculous is that!!
* I can’t believe I’m surrounded with such a beautifully diverse group of people who keep life interesting, humorous and thought-provoking.
* I can’t say that I don’t get a little butthurt when some people look at my kids and say “They are so beautiful, they must look like their dad.” I think going through the hell that was puberty gave me a pretty thick skin and I know they don’t mean to be cruel at all. I just giggle and get over it.
* I can’t say that I’m the best example of someone who loves God because I have strong poopoocacahead tendencies, I swear like a little sailor, I’m like a miniature size evil dictator at home and I am fierce when my friends are wronged. But, I know baby Jesus still loves me long time and has my back no matter what. My faith is unwaivering.
* I can’t understand those who put themselves first to their childs needs…but make themselves out to look like the ultimate hands on and amazing parent on any form of social media. It’s embarrassing and despicable. Stop wasting time posting like you are and BE THAT devoted parent.
* I can’t stand anything pumpkin whether it be beer, coffee, tea or whatever…blech. No, just NO. NOPE.
* I can’t wait till my boys are old enough to watch all the Star Wars movies!
* I can’t wait till my boys are old enough to watch The Last Dragon!
* I can’t wait until Mike and I get old, gray and smelly and look back on our marriage and journey through parenthood with fond memories and a lot of “I can’t believe we got through that…but we did…pass me another Ensure and a diaper.”
* I can’t wait till my boys grow up to have children of their own and call me to say “Um, we totally underestimated you and dad…can you watch the kids for us?” to which we would reply “Nope, no speak Engrish!” and hang up the phone. Hehehe. Just kidding.
Oh man, I can’t wait 😉
Life is good. We roll with the punches and keep stomping through life with our hearts in the right place and our sights set on nothing but radness and goodness.
Love you long time,

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