The Cut to the Crap Dating Advice

Am I an expert on dating? Nope. Do I have the perfect marriage? Nope. Is that going to keep me from saying what I want to say about delusional people who think they are perfect and everyone else is crap? Nope.

Dating advice for the day:  I think so many women these days have a hard time finding and holding onto a guy because of their unrealistic views of men and themselves. There is no such thing as Prince Charming or a guy who’s really really really nice most of the time. A more realistic view of looking at it would be that there are definitely great guys out there who come with flaws and men who can be charming when they want to be. If you’re looking for that perfect knight in shining armor, pray you’ll wake up in some Disney movie cause it ain’t happening in real life.

Also, if you keep complaining about how horrible men are these days because you cant seem to attract the right ones, maybe it’s time you take a good look at your own physical and mental state. Cause no matter what anyone says, it takes 2 to tango and you gotta be willing to see if there are things about yourself that you can make better or stop.

I also see so many nice guys get hurt because women think they are “too” nice.

“There was no challenge with him, he was just too nice and it became annoying.”

Make up your freakin minds seesters.

Figure out what you want and don’t mess with people’s feelings like that. Men are human and get just as butthurt as us ladies.

Just like women, men can be just as dramatic, just as whiny and just as ridiculous. To think different is naive.

If houses were made of glass, everyone would see that the seemingly perfect family on Facebook have issues just like every other family in the world.

Don’t compare your life with those in Facebook world…everyone has problems, everyone has ups and downs and that my friends, is completely and utterly NORMAL.

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