Selfishness has no place in Marriage or Parenthood

Sometimes I watch TV shows or movies where the heroine can do whatever she wants whenever she wants at any given time and I wanna be HER. Absolutely, I mean, who the hell doesn’t? But reality is, with the responsibilities of being a mom and a spouse, I don’t have the luxury of being so free to live in such a manner. I’m also a SAHM so I try to be smart about how I spend the money my husband works his ass off to make for us. On the flipside, according to him,¬† I earned it just as much by doing what I do for the family, household and for lets face it, being the glue that keeps our family flowing in motion.

Mothers are that powerful my friends. There is no price you can put on that.

The day I became a spouse was the day I knew my needs were not the only ones that should be fulfilled. The day I became a mother, I knew my needs would forever come second to the little poopoocacaheads.

Incredibly blessed we are. Abundantly loved we are.

Life is good. Be YOU for all intents and purposes and never forget to live life in a way that makes your heart burst with happiness and accomplishments.


The need for self improvement is vital but don’t forget the ones you promised to love and stick by through the good and the crappy times¬† and the little ones who need you to set good examples so that they may grow up on the right path. Don’t forget that you have the power to be a multitasking ninja.

We’ll make mistakes along the way…that will never stop but to STOP and realize that and make a change for the better is amazing and so gratifying.

It’s what sets apart the ones who are just flowing through life hoping the universe will make everything okay somehow and the ones who are grabbing life firmly with two bold hands and making a statement…a mark if you will in this world.

And you’re gonna piss people off along the way with some of the choices you make but as long as you don’t step on anyone to get what you want and it improves the quality of your life and those you love, who cares?

It means you’re all grown up now and those who see you struggle and succeed will appreciate you, stand by you and love you more for it.

Life isn’t nearly as exciting without your very own personal cheering squad as well, right?

If you have a tribe, consider yourself incredibly blessed. Keep them close, respect them and do not take them for granted…for when life decides to take you and shake you violently in waves that rock your state of being, you’ll have hands reaching out keeping you above the waters…to help you stay alive.

You’ve got one shot at life…make it worth your while and do it in a manner that would make your spouse, your children, your family, your friends and whoever looks up to you for guidance, PROUD…but most importantly makes YOU proud.

We can all be better.


Let’s be better together.

Humans in solidarity!

Love you long time homies,



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