VIDEO: A Shadow of a Doubt – Kindness in Faith

If you know me, you know that I am a big fan of the Jesus. I may not agree with all the social aspects of what a Christian is supposed to believe in and be against…but what is important to me is my direct relationship with him and no bible thumper or bible hater will stray me away from that.

I will never push or badger people to believe in God. Let them come to him out of their own free will if they choose to. I think faith is made stronger that way anyway.

I speak freely about my love for God because I am not ashamed.

He is who sustains me. He is who makes me want to be the dorky person that I am even if it’s not cool or popular.

I’ve been accused of being fake for being “too nice” sometimes…”She must have an ulterior motive…”

I’ll tell you a secret.

I am that way because God has shown me that kind of kindness when I gave him nothing but doubt and grief.

I am that way because people have shown me that kind of kindness when I gave them nothing but doubt and grief.

I was given a second chance to not be the butthole that I once was.

THAT is why I do things that seem weird to people like checking in on old friends and knew ones, help people out when I can out of the blue or just try and be encouraging to those who I feel need it. That is why I’m nice sometimes to a blinding fault where it backfires on me.

But that’s ok.

I will never allow the doubters and haters to cut out of me, anything that makes me feel whole and beautiful. It took me a very long time to get to where I am and even though I am fully flawed and broken, I will not waiver.

I will forever be a work in progress..faithfully, pridefully and humbly.

He is who puts me back on track when I’m being a poophead or just a bad human.

My faith is the basis of everything I exist for.

Life gives you things that make you want to reboot who you are for the better…This is it for me.

Watch it…you’ll feel your heart tremble.



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