Living with the Guilt of Others

I’m still working on my blog book but I’ve been itching to write a book about the blechness part of life. Something dark and twisted and revengeful…something a bit feisty. I got an idea and started typing…It’s just a synoposis…maybe I’m onto something…I guess this could also apply to real life as well.

What do you think?


Bad things happen to good people all the time and it sucks.

It really really does.

But the whole logic of “Well, bad people get away with things all the time…” is not entirely true and flawed because…

They really don’t.

Because we’re human, we do dumb dumb things. But there are those who take it to a whole different level where they exist in a world where all they see is themselves and no one else.  That’s when things get scary. What they want, they will go after no matter who they hurt and destroy along the way.

People who do these things, come in perfectly normal looking shells with nice smiles and a penchant for talking about being truthful, faithful, honorable and living a good life.

The truth is, they exist normally but what remains like a big white elephant is the constant fear of knowing that their sins are etched in the minds of those they spoke to of such things to like rabid little children.

Things that should’ve never been seen or spoken.
Things you never wanted to occupy your head with.
Things that could ruin them.

Misery loves company and you’ve just become their unwilling bitch.

So you sit back and you watch the consequences of the stories you were told come to life and you see the storyteller riding away seemingly unscathed and free while watching the victims burn with grief…and the most messed up part of it all, is that you KNEW it was going to happen and you did nothing to make it right.

The guilt of having kept quiet is a heavy one and it’s ugly and resentful but in most cases…the damage has already been done.

Act 2 hasn’t even played out yet but you know it’s coming…so you brace yourself for the seemingly happy lives that are wrapped so perfectly in ignorance bliss, to unravel by the hands of those you thought would keep your madness quiet.

Stop commiting the same crimes of inhumanity over and over again.

Don’t set the stage for Act 3. Don’t hand out the same tired screenplay to different players you can easily manipulate and use for your own greed.

Stop before you become the kind of monster who does these frightful things yet can sleep soundly through the night with a clear conscience and smile.

Leave people alone. Stop trying to create drama because you hate who you are and your own life.

People change but for some it’s a constant cycle of making the same mistakes over and over again…just with different people.

This is no way to live.

You do not want to leave a legacy of being a filthy rotten soul.

What some overlooked before…others will not and your magical existence of “No one will find out…” will come to a painful end.

And when that day comes, you’ll no longer sit in the director’s chair…

You’ll be cast in a play entirely new…starring you…and you won’t like it…one bit.

Oh, but the audience will.

Sleep tight, sweetheart.



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