Have a Kind Marriage

Spent the morning listening to a friend who’s had it with her marriage. The verbal abuse is taking a toll on not only her but her ability to raise her kids well. How could it not?

When you fight with your spouse, don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in the presence of your children. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in the presence of others you respect.

Above all, the one you should respect the most IS your spouse.

How the hell can you treat the person you promised to LOVE and HONOR till you both croak over, like such utter crap?? Especially to the mother of your own flesh and blood? What kind of excuse for a man are you?

Having male parts and saying crap like, “I’m the Man, so what I say, goes!” Does not make you a MAN. Being respectful, honorable, trustworthy, loyal and a good father (If you have children) does.

Be mindful of the hate that wants to spit from your mouth only to be shamed by guilt and embarrassment later.

And when you do have bile come out of your mouth, human up and apologize for it and learn from it.

Saying sorry isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of being fully aware and humble and having the ability to see others besides yourself.

The world does not revolve around YOU.

Be mindful of the words that come out of your mouth because once it’s out there…it’s there. Forever to be conjured up on lonely nights when things are quiet and on days when all you have is time to ponder all the negativity floating in the purgatory of your mind that could sway you to bad places you may not be able to return from.

Don’t be a raging ass who causes that kind of pain.
Don’t be a catty poophead who causes that kind of suffering.

Behave in a way you’d want your children to in their own homes…with their own spouses and their own children.

Love and respect for your fellow man and woman starts in the home.

The basis of goodness comes from us, the parents and no one else.

We are always telling our children to behave…how can we even fully go there when we can’t even back it up ourselves with our own actions and words?

I need to be so much better and I am not alone.

I see you. I hear you. I acknowledge you.

Love you long time.


I need a drink and a hug.


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