Kids Talk and Talk…and Talk…Let them.

The older your kids get, the less they tend to talk to you…about anything. So even though there are days when I just want some peace and quiet, the ride home is when I let them talk their heads off. It’s a verbal free for all.

One thing I can expect at the end of every day is a full report on everything that happened at school. They give me the highlight reel of who got an ouchy, who were the stand out kids of the day, who got in trouble…the good, bad, and the snotty.

And at this age, they just don’t have the guts or mindset to lie and hide things either so when they get in trouble themselves, they let me know.

Josh is 7 and Matty is 5 and has the sweetest little Cindy Brady Lisp 😉

Kathy: Were you guys good boys?
Matty: I was.
Josh: He really was a good boy.
Kathy: How about you Josh?
Josh: Ummmmmmmm…Hmmmm…
Kathy: Dude, did you get in trouble?
Josh: Yeah. I did.
Matty: But you’re such a good boy Josh! What happened?!?!
Josh: ___________ was making me laugh during work time so…
Kathy: You got in trouble because you interrupted the class.
Josh: Yeah, that’s what happened.
Kathy: It’s all good, we just have to try and focus on our school work and teachers when we’re in the classroom…we have to be mindful of others.
Josh: Yes, you’re right. I will try harder.
Matty: Mom, I am such a good boy at school…I’m only bad at home. I’m not lying, ask the teacher, she will tell you!

For the kid who do get in trouble at school…it’s never really for bad things…it’s mostly for talking too much or singing during classtime which is a no no but something they will eventually grow out of.

Matty: Mom, ________________ was singing again during bible study time at school!
Kathy: Maybe he was singing a worship song.
Matty: No, he was doing the Naynay. He’s so good at it!
Josh: Yeah, that’s not a Jesus song, that’s a get crazy and shake your bootie song.
Kathy: Well, when kids talk during class or sing, just tell them that they are great singers but it would be better to sing outside during recess time.
Josh: I used to get in trouble for talking all the time too.
Kathy: I remember. *shrug* I’m sure the kids who talk and sing in class will stop as they get older just like you did, Josh.
Matty: I shake my bootie all the time but only during recess time because I need a lot of space to dance!

For the love of bandaids, kids playing and getting hurt go hand in hand. It’s what they do best.

Kathy: Fool, why do you have 5 bandaids all over your body?
Matty: I totally got hurt! Let me tell you about each owie…
Kathy: Okidoki.
Matty: These 2 on my finger are from papercuts when I was trying to make a card for you. The one on my knee, I fell down outside and scratched it. The one on my arm right here is cause someone accidentally poked it with their sharp fingernail. That’s it!
Kathy: What about the Star Wars one on your other arm?
Matty: Oh, isn’t it super cool? I just put it on because I love it so much.
Kathy: Did any of these booboos have blood come out?
Matty: No, none of them did but I needed all these bandaids to save my life and make me feel better.
Josh: It’s just bandaids, mom…we can just go buy more at Target.

He’s absolutely right. So many of us freak out when they waste them on nothing but if it makes them feel better and if it stops them from crying…so be it! I know I was the same way when I was a kid so…let them be kids. 😉

The kids who are Da Beeeeeeeeeeeest in reading, writing and all things academics. I love hearing about these kids because my kids are always so proud of them and there is nothing like kids supporting kids…it’s magic.

Josh: ___________ is such an amazing reader. She can read super fast and doesn’t sound like a robot.
Matty: You sound like a robot only sometimes when you read but you are getting better too.
Josh: Thanks. I didnt like reading before but I love it now. Do you know that ______________ can add 45 and 99 in his head and get the right answer? It’s amazing!
Kathy: Everyones brain works differently…some things come easier for them…doesn’t mean you’re not smart yourself. You just process things the Josh way…and it’s good!
Matty: Josh, spell September!
Josh: S-E-P-T-E-M-B-E-R!
Matty: See?? You are super smart because I don’t even know how to do that! You process very good.

A big thank you to the parents who are raising kids who make my kids want to behave better.

Matty: Mom, ___________ & ____________ are my new best friends.
Kathy: Aw, that’s nice.
Matty: They are the nicest boys I have ever met in my whole entire life. I try to be a good boy all the time too but sometime I can’t help it! I think it’s because I’m only 5. Maybe when I’m 10 I will be better.
Josh: You’ll behave better when you’re 7 like me.
Matty: Oh, I really really super duper hope so because mommy gonna hurt her throat yelling at me so much.

There are days when we’re driving around and I look in the rearview mirror and smile to myself seeing Josh and Matty giggling and talking nonstop.  It’s the cutest thing ever…and then for a moment, I imagine them in years to come as big boys…teenagers, sitting in the backseat, quietly, looking out the window wishing they were anywhere but there.


The teen years will be interesting and smelly, hahaha  😉


All we can do right now is enjoy being the moms of our crazy ass little kids and be grateful that they want and crave our undivided attention.

So let them talk away!

At this very moment, we are the most important people to them. The superstars. The heroes. The people who they can’t live without.

The years are flying by fast and even though it may not seem like it now, we’ll miss all the talking someday so let’s keep the communication going, try to enjoy every moment of  the madness only childhood can bring and hope for the best <3

Love you long time,










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