Paris on my Mind…

About to get some coffee and take the boys out to run a few errands. After that, I’ll take them to the park to run around and play, scream, and laugh like little boys do and should do.

And I can’t help to think about so many of those in Paris right now who had planned to run errands and take their little ones to the park but are staying inside with fear of another attack.

And then it hit me. What makes us think something like this could never happen to us? What makes us think there could never be a day in nice little Orange County or anywhere in the United States where our blessed privileged lives will be shattered by terrorism.

Those bastards have their eyes on the US too.
Terrorism isn’t colorblind.

Who knows what can happen? Maybe nothing…but life as we know it is anything but predictable.

So live your lives…go out, get life done, get life moving, get life fulfilled.

Try to be kinder. Love a little harder. Be brave in every sense of the word. I know I’m gonna try my damnedest to not be such a raging poopoocacahead and to do more things that make me happy.

And don’t be one of those tunnel visioned racist dicks who see’s the color of anyone’s skin and immediately think terrorist.

Don’t be that person that kills someone’s spirit.

I’ve also read countless stories of goodness and love shown in the aftermath of this madness so for those who say that humanity is dead…

It is not. It is alive and well still…in the people of Paris and all over the world.

It’s sad…but amazing at the same time to see a whole different level of selfless acts of kindness and a call for world unity when tragedy strikes.

Reminds me of how things were immediately after 9/11.

There are some super duper truly amazing humans who exist in this sometimes horrifying ugly ass world.

I wish we could be like this all the time…wouldn’t that be nice.

My heart is with Paris today but I refuse to be scared…it’s time to get angry and stay informed.

Ignorance is no longer bliss.

And despite it all, I still dream of strolling the streets of Paris someday.

Love you long time.


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