Wipe the Crap Out of Your Life: Go Cleanse Thyselfeth…


A full on Smack-You-In-The-Face-Wake-Up-And-End-The-Madness moment of clarity.

There is so much more to life than wasting time on being disappointed and upset with your fellow humanoids. Getting angry and being disappointed in people on such a grand scale has no place in our lives. It’s taken up enough wasted space in our lives as is..it’s time to shrug it off and detach ourselves from the emotional feels.

Needless to say, we’re just as guilty. We’ve done and said horrendous things with conviction only to regret it later on as we’ve gotten older and wiser. The cringeworthy embarrassment of what you were still remains but it’s fleeting as you learn to let it go.

What’s done is done.

You can’t live in stop motion where you continuously replay the scenes of the mental and verbal crimes you commited and keep yourself in that place of shock and disappointment every damn day.

The best way to handle chaos, is to just let it go. Let them go…let it go…and walk away.

Because once their madness starts making you question your own sanity and basic moral values and start making a negative impact on your life…That’s dangerous.

Put your faith in those who are still full of hope and potential. Put your faith in those who welcome your help and are humble.

Limit the faith in those who refuse to show the people around them the same sense of giving, openness and kindness. I’m talking about the finger pointers, the “I can do no wrong” people, the ones who are so blind to the love they had for so long only to throw it all away.

They will be just fine. You did what you could…you did your part as a friend but if the chaos remains and continues on a downward spiral? it’s time to cut ties.

Continue to pray for them and support them in your own way but stay out of the line of fire.

Taking that step will prevent you from going through the motions of hatred, disappointment, negative talk and the childish dramas that come to life whether you want to be a participant or not.

Sometimes it isn’t about a lightbulb turning on and people “getting it.” Sometimes, the lightbulb never turns on…sometimes people are meant to just fade away to do their own thing. To live their own lives with their heads in the clouds in a constant state of thunder, lightening, bitching and self serving.

It’s your choice whether to walk in the storm and get drenched and sick with frustration and confusion or to be…free.

Enough is enough.

And honestly, there is a lesson to be learned in all goodness and darkness…It enables your whole being to activate a smart way of living and makes you want to be a better person too because let’s face it, we all have a lot of learning to do in the art of being a rad human…

No one will listen to anything you have to say unless you’re living a life that backs up everything that comes out of your mouth and life.

Effort is everything.

Forget about making an impact on others. Make one on yourself first.

Love you long time,


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