The Adventure Chauffeur that is Mom and Dad

To my mommy and daddy friends out there who besides doing their normal parental thang every single freaking day, have also taken their little humanoids to school, after school social activities and sports lessons for years now and make it look so damn easy…I salute you!

I’ve been taking the boys out a lot more (this mommy needs vitamin D bad!) having more playdates and now soccer and Jiujutsu and I’M POOPED!!

But in a really rad way. Blessed to be able to do this for sure. Even in the madness of busyness there is so much joy and wonder.

Life is good!


I think a lot of people think that I’m not capable of doing all this but I always have been, I was just waiting for Matty to grow up a little. Don’t underestimate your fellow moms, we do everything in our own time 😉

Even chaos becomes routine and life evolves into that pattern of fun and structure.

The years are going by so fast…I just want to have some amazing adventures as a mom of two crazyass kids. And it’s true, it ain’t about the crap you buy them…it’s about the life experiences that shape them and make their brains swell with knowledge and gratitude. Ultimately, all kids want is to spend time with mom and dad and be #1 in their eyes…ain’t that the truth.

I hope you are too no matter how you choose to do it. I don’t think there is any wrong way really as long as you love your kids and try to provide them with a lot of positive loving memories of their childhood…cause let’s face it, If you’re a fellow parent we already have an overwhelming feeling of failure and regret even though our kids are still so little, right?! Ha! Oh boy! But we do the best we can and we grow right along with the little homies we call our very own.

Cheers fellow Moms and dads, you’re the radness!


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