Beauty in Scars and Tiger Stripes

Went on a mommy forum where people discuss cool exercises tailored for mommy bodies and there are actually comments left by people who wrote things like “Women should never wear bikinis after they’ve had kids, why would you do that to us?” Especially the ones that got their bodies “destroyed.” “No one wants to see that gross shit…”

No matter how much I work out, I’m ALWAYS going to have the battle scars of having had two giant half Russian kids. I’ll be struuuuuutting my loose skinned stretch marked stomach all over the beach come next summer (even maybe this summer) and if anyone has a problem with it, they can look the other way.

Don’t be ashamed my fellow moms…our bodies are amazing.

I wasn’t planning on it but now I’ll be rocking a bikini this summer showing my “destroyed” body with my mommy stripes/stretched out skin/flat stomach I’ve proudly earned carrying two boys and from working my butt off at the gym.

It’s time to break the cycle that you have to be perfect by societies standards at the beach…screw that. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman’s body big or small.

Let’s show them that we’re not ashamed, we’re not afraid and we refuse to be ridiculed.

So to the haters…

Here’s the *destroyed* stomach of a mommy who gave birth to two boys who were 9lbs 7oz and 8lbs. I also had them cut out of me after hours of labor. I created life, what have you done lately?


Step away slowly.
Don’t mess with mothers.




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