Attention People of the World, My Mom is 40!!!!!

I think Josh is more excited about me turning 40 than anyone I know because he is having a splendid time gleeeeeeeeefully and loudly telling every person we meet.

Stranger: Hi.
Josh: My mom is 40!

Cashier: Cash or Credit?
Josh: My mom is 40!

Server: Will that complete your order?
Josh: My mom is 40!

To all the kids in his classroom where they all ohhhhhhhhhhhe’d and aaaaaaah’d.

Mom of a kid in Josh’s class: How was school today?
kid: Josh’s mom is 40!

To the cashier at Target today who looked super uncomfortable because she knew I was kinda uncomfortable about it and then of course everyone in line who heard it was all checking me out to see what this 40 year old looked like.

Target cashier: Do you want to keep this hanger?
Josh: My mom is 40!

Norsdstroms Rack Cashier: Hi, would you like this on your gift card?
Josh: The shoes are pretty but they don’t fit my mom because she is now 40.
NRC: No, she’s forever 29.
Josh: You’re wrong, she’s 40.
Matty: She’s 47.
NRC: She’s 29.
Kathy: I’m 29.
Josh: You guys are both craycrays!
NRC: (Laughing) I tried.

I told him that he doesn’t need to tell people that I’m 40 and he said with a straight face, “But mom, you’re 40 but you look so good so I want everyone to know that you’re my super cute 40 year old mom.” which made me totally swooooooooooon and then Matty had to kill my vibe by saying “Mom, you just look kinda old and you’re not super cute, you just kinda cute but I still super like you a lot.”

Love you long time,



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