Get Rid of your Pedestal and Destroy your Mommy Crown

When a mother is quick to say to me “my kids don’t throw tantrums, scream or misbehave” when my kid is acting like a poophead, I can’t help but laugh…outloud. Especially when I have personally seen her kids throw tantrums and scream and behave “badly”, I cannot be friends with them nor do I want their kids around mine.

Not because of the tantrums and screaming because that’s totallly normal, but because I don’t have time to surround myself with people in lalaland who put themselves and their kids on pedestals at every encounter.

Plus ain’t nobody got time for playdates where it’s open season for finger pointing and judgement galore. Screw that crap…that’s not fun and playdates for all intents and purposes are supposed to be fun.

I want my kids to play with real kids who are free to express every human emotion possible without shame and I want to learn from parents who allow it without a false sense of reality and shaming others with imperfect kids when it’s just real life.

When a kid is acting like a little turd and it’s affecting the behavior of the kids around them, they need to be disciplined. I would hope the parent of the kid would see this and do something about it. To me, that’s parenting.

I’ve had talks with my kids at playdates and get togethers before and I don’t care how scary I come off. I ain’t gonna sugarcoat anything. I don’t have the time to put on a show. I get to the point quick and I send them on their way to play again.

When a kid accidentally hurts my kid or is mean to them or vice versa, I don’t get all agro and freak the freak out…because THEY ARE KIDS. I talk to them…everyone involved equally. My friends and teachers can attest to this, why? Because as little people, they don’t have all the benefits of basic common sense nor can they control themselves. For God’s sake, even adults fail in that department. You can’t one day be sweet to a kid and his parents and then the next day be mean just because your kids got in a fight the way only 5 year olds can. These are teaching moments. How you react to them is how the kids will react to similar situations and they will repeat every action and every word.

Kids are the best mimickers. They deserve a freakin Oscar for it.

We’re all continuously learning how to behave well…adults and children alike.

So get rid of your pedestal, put away your imaginary crown, rip up your “my kids are better than yours” sash and get off your “I’m the boss and controller of everything” meds.

Aren’t you tired?

Reality sucks harder than lalaland but at least you’ll be living with two feet firmly on the ground along with us common folk.

It can really suck living in the real world but it’s real and it’s true…and it’s absolutely beautiful too.



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