I’m her. She’s me. Well, this is Awkward.

When you see or hear someone doing and saying something super annoying and ridiculous then realize right then and there…

Oh good God. I’m her. She’s me. I say and do the same stupid crap. Omigod, is this what I sound like to others?

Well, isn’t that eye opening and all kinds of embarrassing.

We are the ridiculousness. We are the cray.

I know I ain’t alone in this either…


I think moments like these, life creates these scenarios on purpose…and whether we are aware and humble enough to truly grasp and accept our shortcomings and notice all of it and do something about it is entirely up to the individual.

It’s like watching a clip of a movie with someone else playing you so it can soften the blow a bit…

We are so much better than this and I think the best way to be is to live in such a way where the word sorry only comes out of our mouths when we hurt things on accident and not on purpose.

Especially when we have kids…omigod, they see, hear and mimic everything. Sure, some kids are great even with crappy parents and some end up crappy even with great parents but for the most part…they become an extension of us. Let’s give them something good to thrive to be.

Instead of pointing out what’s wrong with those around us and post memes that make people feel like crap…let’s be aware of our words and actions as well…if we pay close enough attention to our own state of mind and lives…we wouldn’t be so quick to see such hate in others.

Be the good. Not the ass.

Love you long time, suckas.



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