Put your Label Makers Down and Simmer Down Now…

I come across a lot of ridiculous articles these days like, “Things you shouldn’t wear when you’re over 30…” “Things you shouldn’t say when you’re over a certain age…” “Say no to the mom haircut…” “What kind of parent are you and what you need to change…”

They can all kiss my fat 41 year old ass.

Being over 30 is not a death sentence for doing whatever you want to feel good and look good. Screw that.

I feel better than ever being in my 40’s and that’s just truth.

Wear whatever the hell you want. I am a grown ass woman and I wear super hero shirts, cut off jeans, Toms everywhere I go and I rock my “Ms. Swan” mommy haircut. I’m also going to say whatever it is I want to MY own kids and unless YOU live in my house 24/7, you do not get to nitpick and tell me what I need to change to be a better parent to MY poopheads.

Focus on yourself.

Dress in what makes YOU feel comfortable and beautiful.

Don’t be afraid to speak up and don’t live in fear of people lashing out at you or what others may think of you.


There are people in other countries who can’t say anything without getting their tongues cut off, jailed and killed for having an opinion.

Yap away, yo.

Intelligent adults will see what you’re saying and instead of responding with F this and F you, they will respond with an educated answer that even if you don’t agree with, you can see where they are coming from.

That’s adulting.

And when people ask you “What kind of parent are you? Helicopter parent, hands off parent, attachment parent, etc…”

You know how I respond to that? I say:

“I’m the kind of parent who is trying to raise sweet, smart, dorky and driven boys who love the Jesus and will always remain true to who THEY are and not what they are told to be. I I want them to be strong without thinking they have to be macho assholes because if they are? I will tell them to stand still while I get up on a chair and jump off it to round kick their asses even when they grow to be 6 feet tall. I’m going to teach them to respect themselves and everyone around them no matter their religion, who they choose to love, gender, creed, or the color of their skin. So you can label me all you want but it ain’t gonna stick cause I DO NOT CARE.

There is NO LABEL in the making of all that…only fierce LOVE.

Let’s put the labelmakers down and create our own stories.

Let’s write it so our kids learn and grow to be good humans.
That’s it.
Nothing extraordinary, just simply good people.
That’s all we need.
That’s all I pray for.

Change starts with you.
Change starts with me.
Let’s put some effort into it.
Let’s encourage one another.
Let’s raise eachother up instead of stepping on others to make ourselves feel better.

*siiiiiiiiigh* Is it too early to have a beer cause I’m dying for a Guinness right about now.



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