Boys and empathy: It’s a Beautiful Thing

When I fell down and hurt my ankle a few months ago while on a family hike, Josh and Matty immediately rushed over to me. Josh got down and sweetly started rubbing my leg soothing me and Matty kept on asking me if I was ok in his sweet little lispy voice.The whole way back to the car, all three of my boys made me feel loved and important.

I hope the boys grow up to be successful strong men but most importantly, I hope they grow up to be kind men with hearts that are empathetic to those around them without any expectations.

Josh may have his Korean drama moments and Matty might play the role of little boy with PMS splendidly, but they are sweet loving boys and I am grateful and proud of that.

Let’s get one thing straight. Men…can be strong & sensitive. Both of those qualities together is…powerful. There is nothing hotter than a man who has no shame in defying societies ridiculous stigma that men need to be macho and a certain way to be seen, heard and respected.

I hope the Hongzeff Boys grow up to be confident in being rad men who encompass those qualities.

It’s the little things.

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