What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Imagination play in the making…this is probably the most intelligent conversation I’ve heard between the Hongzeff Boys (Josh is 5, Matthew is 4) thus far:

Matty: Thank you Dr. Josh for putting a bandaid on my fireman who got hurt in the giant fire!
Josh: You know, I’m not only a Doctor, I’m a teacher too.
Matty: You can be both?
Josh: Sure, mommy says to me all the time, I can do anything!
Matty: She tell me that too!
Josh: I wonder who makes more money, a policeman, fireman, teacher or Doctor.
Matty: The teacher cause she know everything about everything and teach everyone to do their job.
Josh: That is very true, wow Matty, you think like a big boy now. You’re not a baby anymore.
Matty: Yeah, I grow up a lot and know so many things I didn’t know before, Its crazy!
Josh: So I’m going to be a teacher and Doctor when I grow up.
Matty: I’m going to fix computers and be a daddy at home at night and play with the kids and make giant mess!
Josh: Like our daddy!
Matty: Yeah. I can’t wait until I’m super tall and 45!
Josh: I can’t wait till I’m 99 like mommy!
Matty: Han and Grandma can come and babysit all of us when we’re 45!

Hahahaha. So cute and a bit heartbreaking.


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