4th of July Grub for the Homeless cause Josh & Matty Say So…

Every morning, we drive down Harbor Blvd to get to school and the boys see the same homeless people they have seen for years standing on the corners with their “I’m hungry” “Former Veteran” “I lost my job” signs. So from a very early age, they learned about homelessness and about people in need.

Things got a bit more heartbreaking once Josh started reading. He would read the signs that told their stories and there would be days he would break down from the overwhelming sadness of it all. So we’ve been trying to ease the pain by helping them when we can.

I used to get so annoyed by the growing number of homeless people in Orange County but because of the boys, I’ve realized that if there’s a reason for everything, we live not far from them so we can help them. There are great life lessons to be learned from things like this not only for the boys but also for me.

As we get older, we grow accustomed to all the sadness and wrong in life but when you have kids…they make you see things in a pure light again and for that, as parents, we are grateful and humbled.

Josh: So on 4th of July, people barBQ and eat hotdogs, corndogs and drink beer and soda and say “God bless America!”
Kathy: Yep, pretty much.
Josh: Homeless people won’t get to eat any of that delicious stuff.
Matty: That is so sad! They should have delicious tasty stuff too!

So minus the beer, we bought corndogs, Tater tots and chili dogs from Wienerschnitzels and handed them out to the homeless down Harbor Blvd.

The people were super excited and the boys were on cloud nine.

It may not be much compared to the hundred and millions people donate to charities every year but to raise little humans who see others besides themselves and have a servants heart with good intentions…there is nothing that makes me prouder as a parent than that.

Having said that, the boys are still raging buttholes sometimes and fight like crazy but I think they will simmer down as they get older…or so I’ve been told. For the love of God, I hope so. Boys will be boys and with parents like me and Mike…they gonna be cray…it’s in there DNA.

I don’t care how good looking their shells are…that stuff cracks and fades…But goodness…that’s an inside job that will remain till the very end.

It’s been a good day so far.

There’s one guy we’ve been giving food to for years now and he usually just grunts when we hand him food or money but this time, he said “Thank you” quietly and Josh was SO excited about that. Haha. It’s the little things.

Be safe, count your blessings and have a wonderful blessed 4th of July.

God bless America.


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