Be Someone to Somebody

You know that statement “When it rains it pours?”

Well, usually it’s a sporadic drizzle but right now…Holy crap and all that is craycray! It’s a freakin bloody rainstorm with flash floods and hail that punctures and leaves it’s victims in a downpour of pain and state of hopelessness.

Life is just absolutely batsh*t crazy for so many of us right now and I just wanna say…we’ll get through it. We may be trembling at the brink of madness and think there is no way in hell life will be “normal” again or we will be normal again but…it will be & we will be.

We just gotta keep on swimming…keep on paddling even when our arms give out and our legs are on fire, we gotta keep hope alive and moving.

Be there for your family who are hurting.

Be there for your friends who are in pain.

Find a way to step outside of your comfort zone to be the person your loved ones need.

It may seem like so many exist to hurt and hate right now but you know what? The majority of the human race exists to love and encourage.

In a world full of chaos, discomfort, miscommunication and a lack of understanding of the human condition, It’s really comforting and rad to see people showing gestures of kindness and appreciation amongst friends, families, and strangers.

The focus is always on the bad but there is so much good around us too.

We can’t lose sight of the good.

Keep doing great kind things…it inspires so many to do the same.

Be the moving parts for those who are paralyzed in grief. Give optimistic hope to those who have lost it. Give love to those who have forsaken it.

Be a champion for the suffering and broken.

Just be someone for somebody.

Love you long time,


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