Cattiness Will Get You Nowhere

I have only a handful of close girlfriends and what just happened is exactly the reason why…I was walking to my car after a super rad workout and I was passing by two girls and one them looked me up and down and said within earshot: “Try a little harder honey.” I stopped in my tracks and said “Excuse me?!?” And just stared at the girl with what Mike calls my infamous RBF (Resting bit*h face). They stopped in their tracks too. There was no movement, just silence.  The thing that confused me the most was that she wasn’t fit herself…at all. The girl who said those words to me was holding a large McFlurry drink from McDonalds and it looked like her butt was in the front of her pants which were 2 sizes too small but whatevs.  She and her friend looked genuinely scared.

Whatever I did in that moment wouldn’t have defined her. It would’ve defined me. It could’ve turned into a live action version of The Jerry Springer Show.


In that very moment, I could have crushed her with my words. I could’ve destroyed and humiliated her. Holy freakin ass moly, the bit*h in me wanted to so very badly. My fists were clenched and I breathed hard and slowly.

But I didn’t.

I just walked away. I heard her friend say “Holy crap, I thought she was going to kick your ass!”

Ladies, if there is anyone on this planet who knows how a single word or sentence can break down and crush a person, it’s us. So many of us put up a front like we’re tough sh*t but we’re not.

So why do we continuously feed the stereotype that women are catty and bit*hes.

Why does every damn thing have to be a competition? Why do we feel the need to put eachother down? Why are so many of us such idiots to think it would make us feel better about ourselves to commit such a heinous act?

It’s taken me a lot of hard work and dedication while raising 2 crazy boys, being a wife and taking care of a home to lose a lot of weight and be diligent about staying healthy and fit.

So in that moment when those words were said to me, It pissed the hell out of me.

Yet it triggered something in me that I know only comes with age and a newfound self confidence I am finally embracing.

The control to just LET IT GO and not give anyone the power to make me feel less than the good person I’m trying to become. Yeah, I still have a ways to go but moments like these…

It tests your progress and I feel like I won. Not against the girl but against myself. I didn’t pull the evil trigger, the good in me prevailed.

I didn’t have to unleash an assault of cruel words to get my point across. I didn’t stoop to her level. Ultimately, I didn’t find the need to make her feel like sh*t just because she made me feel insecure for a split second.

Let’s be kinder to eachother ladies and as much as we make fun of men, the way I see it, we act like the bigger…

Lets break the stereotype and annihilate it.

Now I’m gonna shake it off, treat myself to a nonfat chai tea latte from Starbucks and go on with my day with a thankful heart shaking my rad ass that’s alllllllllmost located back where it’s supposed to be.

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