Rebel against Comfort and Shake your State of Mind…

Life is really such an adventure, isn’t it? Often times we see ourselves so pigeonholed in our thoughts and emotions that we shut ourselves from even experiencing new things and new people.

So we stay in our safe place, content with ourselves, our set in stone way of thinking and our tribes…

But sometimes, just sometimes…

When you open your heart to things and people that seemed unfeasible or unnecessary, you find yourself thinking “Huh, I was wrong.”

And though it’s humbling, a little kick to the ego and yo ass is what makes you grow up…and the truth is, you never stop growing up, no matter how old you get.

And NO ONE IS PERFECT. I don’t care how you spin it, no one is without any faults. The ones who tend to think they come close to perfection are the ones who need to do the most growing up I find. Who they think they are, doesn’t match up with how others see them based on their behavior and state of mind…and it’s mind boggling….but I guess you see what you want to see.

In a constant state of learning…and living with the consequences of it all…good and bad. Sometimes we have to fall flat on our faces to realize how truly blessed we are. How truly grateful we should be for what we have. How truly loved we are even when we are unlovable.

YOU WAKE UP with clear eyes and a new appreciation for everything in life. So you become less selfish, less me, me, me, and more about “How can I help those around me and in the process make them feel loved and appreciated” without being overbearing and of course only when someone asks for your help.

You can really change someones day. Someone’s life. Someone broken.

Even maybe save someones life.

How freaking rad is that.

It also helps to have good friends who bring out the goodness in you and aren’t afraid to tell you to break free a little, to be better. And you listen and take it to heart because they are living by example and you believe them and trust them.


*sigh* Life is the radness.

Love you long time friends, have a wonderful and blessed Wednesday!

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