All Things Racism…and it Sucks.

Drop the kids off at school? Check!
Morning Coffee? Check!
Get Ching Chonged by a few kids? Check!

Oh no you didnnnn’t!!!

This happened to me today:

Trying to make a left turn and 3 girls jaywalking right in front of me gesture chinky eyes with their hands and say “Open your eyes!” And laugh amongst themselves.

I smile at them, make a u-turn, drive to the school where they are headed and park. They walk into the school and I walk into the Admin office and their smirky smiles turn into fear.

You wanna know the hard truth as to why people feel so free to make fun of Asian people? Because we ignore it, because most of the time we do nothing about it and I think that has hurt us more than anything. It’s embarrasing.

No more of that nonsense. I refuse to allow this behavior and have my boys be victims of it because what we allow will continue and that will be on us.

You know what’s great about turning 40? It comes with a pair of big cajones.

They messed with the wrong little chinky eyed girl.

I didn’t end up reporting them, as soon as I lost sight of them, I walked back to my car. But I assure you, these kids will be worried all day if they are going to get into trouble or not.

Hopefully this will make them think twice about doing something like this again. And don’t tell me it’s just kids being kids, stop making excuses for kids today. This behavior is straight up racism no matter how you spin it and it needs to stop.

I’ve had kids be all kinds of racist to me before and I’m pretty positive this won’t be the last time hatred will be directed at me because of my Asianess but everytime it happens, they’ll know that it is not okay. Never ok.




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