Getting Rid of the 50/50 in a Marriage

I love talking to my fellow married moms and dads who just totally…get it.

I think some marriages fall apart because they put the importance of percentages and equality into everything.

1. “Well, I took out the trash yesterday, he should do it today…”
2. “It’s not my job to do that, it’s his…”
3. “It’s your turn to watch the kids, I had them all day…”
4. “You forgot to do what I told you…again…”

I’m pretty sure this occurs in all marriages at some point. I know Mike and I have done this a lot before and it sucked…but we’re aware and we try our darndest to stop the madness before it roars into an ugly mess every time things get petty.

So for God’s sake, if you’re capable and know how to do something that needs to be done, just do it. It’s not a competition, it doesn’t require a peepee to take out the trash, put up pictures and fix things that are broken and men, it doesn’t require a vajayjay to do the dishes, help prepare your kids for school in the mornings and do laundry. It’s not like your husband’s been sitting on his butt all day doing nothing…he WORKED too. She worked too. Everything starts to fall apart once your mentality is set to an “I’m doing more” kinda life…

Do what you can…and don’t play the victim or the martyr in your marriage.

We always talk about feminism but have “rules” about what a man and a woman should and shouldn’t do…

That’s crap.

None of us are perfect, we’re gonna complain and get on eachother’s nerves but unless you had a crazy pre-nup that establishes what your exact jobs are in a marriage, don’t live like you do.

And dudes…don’t forget to step it up too when you can. Your partner chose you…they deserve the best you can offer.

Life’s too short to complain about everything when there are those who are dreaaaaaming to have what you have. Those things you both take for granted? They are all GIFTS.

So screw the 50/50 crap. It’s all about an equal boom of 100%.

So instead of just trying to eat well everyday, working on your relationship with God, being a better parent, a better friend, etc…

Why don’t we also try and work on being better spouses and partners?

That’s right, I said work because relationships take WORK.


Lack of grand gestures, little gestures, thoughtfullness, and relationships losing there spark and romance…thinking that having kids is a legit excuse to half ass your marriage and relationship. Once the kids get older and move out, what happens then?

There’s movies, books, tv shows and memes about this subject.

So I’m gonna propose something…for everyone, for all of us.

Let’s become the romantic memes, the romantic movies, the romantic gestures, the people we hear about and go awwwwwe. The givers and receivers of acts of kindness.

Seriously, what’s stopping us?

So start with something small, or something big…and lets have some fun and not only focus on me, you, the kids, the right food, achieving the great body…

Lets focus on the US part that started it all.

What better way to teach our kids about love, loyalty, forgiveness, compromising and romance…cause after all, It starts in the home.

Go on with your romantic selves…

Love you all long long time…

And if you’re reading this, thinking I’m anti women and pro men…you missed the point entirely.

I’m pro LOVE, FAMILY and a damn good life for all.

Love you long time,


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