Women Unite: One life. One chance. One happiness.

Repost from 7/22/14 but it has meaning today too.

I’ve been feeling kind of down lately.

My life is awesome, I can’t really complain about anything but we’re all human, we all have our pity parties.

Today was a particular poopoo day but it all changed with these words from Josh’s teacher this morning:

Josh is doing so well and he’s a great kid. He’s always telling me how strong you are and that you have muscles. Haha. You do look great, keep doing what you’re doing.”

It’s not that I need nice things said to me to feel good about myself, I’m secure enough to not need that BUT the fact that a woman said this to me is what made it awesome.

We as a society always talk about the man/ woman dynamic and how it’s important to do romantic gestures and say kind words to make eachother walk a little taller and smile like a fool.

Forget about all that.

I think women need to start doing nice things for eachother and say kind words to one another…just because. I think this is more important than what we expect and want from men…they get it, we get it…let’s move on.

And I’d like to see women be more open minded and giving other ladies they started off on the wrong foot with another chance at friendship.

You never know, you might be pleasantly surprised…I know I have been.

Let’s kill the stereotype that women secretly are jealous of eachother, that everything is a competition and that we are evil.

But let’s not say things just to look nice to other people…Let’s really mean it.

And most importanly…Let’s not keep score cause it’s not about that. Then you are missing the whole point.

No showing of it on Facebook like “Okay, tell ten people wonderful things, take your best selfie and make their day!” That’s crap and self serving no matter how one looks at it.

Women, we are amazing, we are capable of destroying every bad stereotype about us out there.

I’d like our kids as adults to think of stereotypes that associate with women and think:


It’s time. Let’s get to It.

I’m lucky to have women like this in my life already…if you’re in a rut where you have to question the motives and “love” of your circle…It’s time to bust out and find ones who make you better and who YOU can make better.

You know how men can be fighting with fists flying and a minute later they are laughing & having beers together?

Girls, WE need to embrace that and do that instead of playing the game of telephone and spreading hate and holding grudges.

Let’s grow the hell up.

Sure, I’m cheesy, I’m a dork, I can be a raging a**hole but…I wanna be better. My family deserves it, my friends deserve it but more importantly, I deserve it.

One life. One chance. One happiness.


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