9 Gloriously Demented Wonderful Years

Mike and I have now been together for 9 gloriously demented, painful, wonderful and hilarious years. Were there ever times when we both thought “If I had to do it all over again…”

Absolutely. But they were fleeting.

Even when things got real REAL…we still learned so much through it all…we still stayed on the same path and helped eachother not be absolute buttholes and when we were…we apologized and admitted our poopoocacaheadness. Every fight and disagreement has made us stronger with each passing year and I am so grateful for that solid foundation of trust and honor.

But out of our madness, we created a great blessed life together that consists of Joshua who is my sweetheart dreamboat total weirdo drama queen and our Matthew, who is so sweet and totally batsh*t crazy at the same time. Two of the best and worst things we ever did together. HAHAHAHA.

Sorry, was that a little too real for everyone?

The boys got their good looks and smarts from their dad and their crazy personalities from me…which is perfect.

My husband still makes me swoon…thank God for that.

1930284_28639391884_7472_nPic taken in 2006

Love you long time Mike…you’re pretty much my most favorite of all time in the history of ever ♥

It’s like when God made us, he said “Oh crap, I put too much crazy in this one and this one…write it down so they end up together…who says I don’t have a sense of humor?”

Now I gotta go wash a mountain of dishes by hand cause this fool has yet to get me a damn working kitchen…Though he did say it will happen for reals this year. We shall see 😉

Thanks for reading homies and I hope your partner brings out the bomchickabowwow in you as well!



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