Political Shmolitical

Even if one asks, what’s the point in explaining when it goes in one ear and out the other? So eager to understand yet when told, refuted as lies. There’s a certain point in a situation when you just stay quiet and let the desperation of others speak for itself…silence doesn’t mean defeat or that you’ve given up, it just means that you have faith that change is on its way. If you have to ask why, no answer will satisfy you no matter how “open” you say you are to all things politics.
Let’s face it, you’ve already gone too far off the grid to begin to even understand what the other side has to say or offer and that’s everyone’s right to chose to believe what they want to. EVERYONE is guilty of this…EVERYONE is compromised, every player, every benchwarmer…blue, red…EVERYONE. The ONLY way to change this way of thinking, is for the leaders to step up and act like men and not children. Abide by the law, respect the country you represent and learn to compromise, compromise, compromise. Set aside your egos, set aside the childish antics, be the people you said you were going to be and live up to it. Learn to play well together and maybe the citizens will too. Attitude reflects leadership.
I’ve done my fair share of talking politics and I’m tired. I’ve gone from leaning towards the Rights to leaning towards the Left…and now unlitimately staying put in the middle. That’s right, I flipflopped but I don’t regret it. It means I did my research and learned a great deal about how the world works and it’s been horribly enlightening. I’ve changed my mind on so many things throughout the last 2 years alone listening to everyone on here who has spoken up about issues I’ve brought up and it’s been such an education, so many “Wow, I never saw it from that POV!” moments…I’ve learned so much from you, thank you!
One big thing I’ve changed my mind on is my attitude towards marriage equality. That’s a biggie, isn’t it? I used to be so against gay marriage. Having kids of my own made me question a lot of things like “What would I do if Josh or Matthew came to me and told me they were gay?” “Wouldn’t I want them to have the same rights as others when they fall in love?” To me it isn’t a bible or God thing, it’s a human rights thing. Life is always changing…world is always changing, you’ve got to learn to adapt to it and if that means changing your mind, so be it. Romney’s done it, Obama’s done it, you’ve done it.
I’ve done my part in exercising my right to free speech in this great country we live in and I’m extremely happy I did even if I’ve lost a few “friends” on the way because of my beliefs. All I know for certain is that I’m not going to lose hope..never lose hope. We’ll survive no matter who claims the keys to the kingdom…For the lefties – ‘We survived Bush” for the righties – “we survived Obama”…Yes, times are changing but we’ll survive. From now on I’m just going to talk about the wonderful things in life…like my boys, Henry Cavill and you, my amazingly intelligent, hysterical friends whether blue or red who make life entertaining and wonderful for this boring SAHM =)

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