Manchester Tragedy: Heartbroken

I know I speak for a lot of us when I say that no matter how good our week has been,  what happened in Manchester is still lingering heavily in our thoughts.

“Concertgoer Henry Whittington also saw people frantically searching for their loved ones. “We were running away from the arena, but there were people running towards it, mostly women and men who looked like parents,” he tells PEOPLE.”

Once you become a parent…there is an unspoken bond…a thread that connects us all…and when something so monstrous happens to anyone’s child…in that very moment, a part of us breaks too.

They’ve identifed the 22 who perished and their families have been notified.
Looking at their pictures, I see…
A lot of kids who were out just having a good time probably eager to tell their friends about the concert.
A lot of parents who were waiting to pick up their kids and looking forward to hearing about their fun concert.
A lot of couples who were just out on a fun date to listen to good music and enjoying what it’s like to be in hard like or in love.
A lot of girls who won’t grow up to know how empowering it is to be a woman.
My heart hurts. I know yours does too.
This world is so unsteady right now and while I have hope for good to prevail…I am terrified as a mother.
It was recently found out, that Salman Abedi, used his taxpayer-funded student loans to learn how to build bombs and also attented a training camp in Libya to learn how to build the very bombs that killed innocent children and adults.  He had the opportunity to get a great education and use the money he received towards becoming a productive member of society, instead, he used it to kill.
There is relief in knowing that my boys are still so young and unaware of atrocities like this…but I know that won’t last for long. I know that little by little they will see the world in a completely different way…that the real world is full of pain and hurt and things we just can’t explain…but for now…just for a little while longer, I get to shield them from tragedies like this and keep them thinking that the world is full of good things and good people and that sadness only plays a small role in the madness of it all.
As a mother, I am so incredibly heartbroken…as a citizen of this world…I am enraged.

Now more than ever, I appreciate the kids who are wild and know how to have fun, ask silly questions, have pure thoughts only they can, and see life through vivid imaginations. Life goes by so fast and it’s only in childhood really, that humans can behave in such a way and dream as big as they want to and truly believe the impossible to be possible and attainable.
So in this time of grief, it’s our chance to really see our children and appreciate everything about them and truly feel the meaning and know the worth of what a gift it is to be alive, healthy and parents to amazing little kids.
“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” – Fred Rogers

Story Time: When Mike met Kathy

People ask me all the time how Mike and I met so…here’s our story.

I had my heart broken in Oct of 2005.

I swore off men and even though I was 30, my Korean parents said to me “There is no rush to get married…you’ll find someone when the time is right, as for now, just be happy.” (I know, my parents are like the unicorns of Asian parents.)

I was all kinds of depressed about the breakup but I got over it pretty quickly.

I started a new job in Feb of 2006 at a place I never thought I would ever work at. It was an entirely different line of work for me and the pay was less than my usual. But for some reason, I was pulled to work there.

My fellow new colleague was a tall boy who I thought dressed badly.

My boss said to me one day, “What do you think of the new guy? He’s cute!” I said, “I guess but he’s not my type.”

I knew better than to date someone I worked with…I had done it once before and I didn’t want to do it again. Too much drama.

Plus, the new dude was 4 years younger than me. He was a baby. He was only 26.

My boss wanted to take the newbies out to dinner so I had the new dude meet me at my house and we’d carpool to the sushi joint.

He came over and it was like we were old friends. We had met like twice before at the office but we were totally at ease with each other. We hung out in my room and he started laughing looking at my CD and DVD collection.

My convo with the new boy went something like this:

Mike: What’s this crap?
Kathy: You shut your mouth, I love the Backstreet Boys.
Mike: And right next to it, you have Nine Inch Nails…
Kathy: I love them too.
Mike: That’s interesting.
Kathy: I love all kinds of music.
Mike: No way! The Last Dragon!
Kathy:  “Now, when I say, “Who’s da mastah?” you say, “Sho’nuff!”
Mike: Oh man, this one’s a classic too.
Kathy: Big Trouble in Little China is one of the best movies ever made in the history of man.
Mike: I agree. I can’t believe you love these movies.

Years later, he would tell me that my love for those movies made him crush on me starting that night. Haha.

That night, we went to sushi and had an amazing time. The boss asked if there was something already going on between us and we said no. She said there was definitely some kind of chemistry. We just laughed it off. After dinner, Mike and I drove around down PCH just talking and laughing. We mostly talked about music. He promised to make me a mixed tape of his favorites. I never got that mixed tape.

A few days later, he told me to come over to his place to watch a movie and eat his famous homemade thin crust cheese pizza which was soooooo good.

The movie he chose:


Mmmmmhmmmm…he knew I was gonna be all kinds of scared and wanna snuggle with him.
Well played my friend, well played.

We struggled for a short period of time if it was a wise decision to date only because we worked so closely together. At the end of the day, we decided to give it a try and that if things didn’t work out, we’d be adults about it and just move on with our lives.

So in March of 2006, we officially became a couple.


On one of our first dates and pics as a couple!

I met his parents pretty early on in the relationship and they were both nice. It was too soon for me to introduce him to mine. I was cautious after what happened with my previous relationship.

6 months later, Mike got us Disneyland Premium passes.

Kathy: Dude! This is too expensive!
Mike: We love Disneyland…it’s down the street, we can go anytime!
Kathy: What happens if we break up?
Mike: Then we’ll still have fun at Disneyland on our own.
Kathy: You’re crazy.
Mike I know.

Right after our first day at Disneyland, I texted him and said “I don’t know if this is too soon, but I feel the need to tell you that I love you.” He texted back and said “Ditto.”


At this point, I was comfortable enough for him to meet my parents. He was so nervous and sweating bullets. My mom thought he was super nice and cute. My dad, not so much. He was a little cautious and didn’t say much to him except grunt a hi.

3 months later, we went ring shopping…We were walking out of the jewelry store when he stopped and said, “You know what? Let’s just buy it now. We’re going to get married anyway.”

And let me tell ya, he put together gorgeous ring for me. I had to sit down after I saw it because it was more than I expected.

A few weeks later, we picked up the ring and he said to me, “I’m not gonna tell you when I’m going to propose but I’ll make sure it’s memorable.”

When we got back to his place, I wanted to see the ring before he put it away.

Kathy: Can I see the ring?
Mike: Sure.
Kathy: Can I try it on?
Mike: Sure.

So I did, and swooned. I was about to take it off when he said, “Just keep it on.”

Kathy: What? Are you sure?
Mike: Yep. When you know, you know.

And that my friends, is how we got engaged.

He custom made it for me


So that night, on December 3rd, we drove to my parents house to tell them the news. My dad excused himself and got all teary eyed. They were both super excited and sat us down and spoke to us about the important things that make a marriage work and last. After about an hour or so my dad wanted to end the evening with a nice little prayer of blessing for us. While we were praying, I felt someone grab my left hand and lift it up. I opened my eyes and it was my mother, checking out my engagement ring “discreetly” with one eye open.

My mom got caught by my dad and she got in troooooouble. Hahahaha. 😉

When news got out, my parents got flack from some of their friends for “allowing their daughter to marry a white man…” and they defended us every single time.

6 months later, we got married on a giant boat and dudes, it was super rad and dreamy (If you’re planning on getting married, check out Fantasea Yachts! in Marina Del Rey, they are super friendly and so great!) and it’s so perfect for the old school Asian people who typically leave right after a wedding because they were stuck on the boat for fun, good food, drinks, dancing, and mingling for almost the whole day <3 A good time was had by all!

So our timeline is: We met in Feb 2006. Started dating March of 2006. Got engaged December 2006 and married in June of 2007. That’s kind of cray, right?





I quit my job to plan the wedding and the plan was to go back after we got back from our honeymoon but because he had a really rad new job, we decided I would not be returning to work and take care of life stuff while he brought home the bacon. Josh was born in 2009 and Matty, 2010, and I’ve been a Stay At Home Mom since and it’s worked amazingly for us.

Mike has never ever given me a hard time or made me feel guilty or bad for not bringing in an income. We know that we could be making a lot more dinero but to us, what he brings home is enough to keep us happy and provide our kids with the kind of education we want for them and a sweet life. We don’t do much for ourselves (I look like i just rolled out of bed most days) but we invest in our kids and things for our family and that is what works for us. I was told by so many when I was thinking about being a SAHM that it wasn’t good for me as a woman and that I would lose myself…but let me tell ya, the opposite happened for me.

I not only feel empowered doing what I do for my kids, my husband, our household, and my friends and family who need me, but I feel like I truly have found myself and my gifts and talents doing what I do. Different things work for different families and the right thing is whatever makes YOU AND YOUR FAMILY happy.

This is me, you do you <3

He’s the one who first encouraged me to start a blog about motherhood, marriage and everything in between. That I could have a real voice in a world where everything is sunshiny and rainbows. He believed in me so it make me have more faith in myself too. Now I’m really going for my dream and working on 2 books currently. One is to turn this blog into a book and the other is a fictional tale about two ordinary people who have an extraordinary love <3 I cannot wait to share it with you all!

We’ve been together for 11 years now and June 9th will be our 10 year wedding anniversary. Throw in 2 kids and it’s been an adventure thus far!

My friend Hwaling, who was my Matron of Honor, made my veil and I still love to wear it around the house whenever I need to feel like a purty demented princess…



Mike and I have been driving one another crazy for years now and there are moments when we don’t like each other at all (Let’s just keep it real REAL).

I know there’s been many times when he just wanted to get all FI-FI-FO! on me and squish me and there’s been times when I’ve wanted to poke his eyeballs out and smother him with my pillow while he slept (Just kidding…kind of) but one thing that is constant and true, is that I love him wholeheartedly and he loves me just the same…he adores me and it’s obvious to anyone who meets him.

Plus, these 12 words snap us out of any kind of madness we face together…and it works.


We’ve had our super highs and super lows…and there was a time when we didn’t know if we would make it (That 7 year itch is ugly) but we got through it. Because we have faith in God and we have an enormous faith in each other…and we knew that there was a big reason why we fell in love in the first place and that would never ever change despite the fights, ugly words and disagreements we had or will have.

Here’s the thing, you can’t go into a marriage thinking the spouse will change their ways in the things you don’t really like about them. The only way a person changes something about themselves is if they want to themselves. Marriage is rad in the sense that people do change because they know that they could be happier if they made a few tweaks to their madness and also because they know it would be even better for the marriage. So if you want to marry someone? Make sure that you are marrying them loving all their faults and things that make them unique individuals.

One key thing that’s made our marriage and friendship work is the ability to make each other laugh even when life threw us curve balls. And communication…we talk about EVERYTHING. We try and see things from the other persons POV no matter how painful. We hash things out. The recovery may be hideous but the healing is filled with laughter at each other and at ourselves. It is so important to be able to hash things out respectively and move on from the bad and leave it there…in the past.

Also respect and trust…there is no such thing as a healthy happy relationship without R-E-S-P-E-C-T or trust. Plus, it’s imperative for the kids to see mom and dad be kind and mindful to one another because respect, love, and kind gestures are learned first in the home.

His faith in God, his faith in me, his continuous growth as a husband, a dad and rad human has been inspiring, painful and fun to watch.


I’m proud to call him my dude.
Fart poems and all.

Yep, fart poems…he posted on my FB page not too long ago.

“Kathy Farts Freely”
by Michael K.

Kathy farts freely
Her bunghole knows no bounds
I can feel the wind blow
And the blood, as it trickles from my nose
A veritable cornucopia of fuggy butt thunder
Kathy farts freely.

Can’t wait till we’re super duper old and he romantically recites “Kathy Farts Freely” to me while we’re drinking our Ensures and eating whatever old people eat.

It will be the RADNESS.

People tell us all the time, “Oh, you two were meant to be together!” And though it’s partly true because who else is gonna be crazy enough to want us anyway, we’ve worked very hard to make our marriage happy, functional and fun. It hasn’t been easy and life will continue to throw us curve balls that will test our marriage but we’re determined to catch every damn one of them curve balls with both hands…fiercely and aggressively as a team.

And as for that mixed tape he promised me years ago? He said we don’t need a tape, we’ll just listen to our favorite music together until we get super old and change eachothers diapers.

Hongzeff World Domination!!!


Cheers and Dorks in Holy Matrimony, unite!

Love you long time,


I Love the Poopoocacahead I Call My Husband…

My dude goes to work all day and works his ass off to provide well for our little family and even though many people think that being a SAHM is not a noble profession and is a step backwards in regards to being a “feminist” because there’s no monetary contribution to the family, we didn’t listen to any of that and did what we thought best for our family. He has never ever made me feel like I was a less of a contributor because of it. He respects me fully as the mother of his children and the one who holds down the fort at home and it’s been awesome for us. When he gets home, he is completely present and plays with the kids like he hasn’t dealt with work crap or the stresses that comes with it. He chases them around with his tired body making them giggle and scream for more and he makes each kid feel special every day. The boys adore him and think he’s the greatest thing. I get jealous often because they don’t see me and ohhh and ahhhhh with me like they do with him…but I know it’s not because they love me less but because he’s the kind of dude they want to be when they grow up…

And that makes me really grateful and proud of the dude I decided to have poopoocacaheads with.

He’s a butthead of epic proportions a lot of times but he’s a rad human and I thank God he set me up with my fellow uber dork for life.

He pulls me out of my dark places and whenever I am feeling sad or invisible, he looks at me with a smile and says, “I love you…you are my own crazy unicorn and even though you fart like a dirty man, scare our children like the North Korean Dicktator of the OC that you are, my goal in life is to make you happy and that’s it, plus you’re married to all this magicalness, you’re life is good, real good.”

Sorry for the grossness friends but man, it feels nice to be appreciated, loved and looked at like I’m Miss. Korea when in reality I look like Ms. Swan in the making…and that for a woman, spouse and partner…is everything.

We were talking about our past 11 years together and how we’ve grown together to be stronger and better not only for ourselves but for eachother and our kids…and though we have a lot of work to do still, we are united in our faith in one another.

We are a continuous work in progress as individuals and partners but we are so grateful for the journey we’ve had so far.

So if you’re feeling incredibly grateful for your partner…don’t keep it inside…say it outloud and proud…life is meant to be lived graciously and with kind words flowing out of our mouths…so git to it! Make someone swoon and have the most amazing night…you have no idea what sweet words can do for ones heart and soul.

Love you long time,

Book Review: The Queen and the Cure

I love books. I love them so hard.

Whenever I start reading a new book by a favorite author. I get a little nervous. The expectations are high…really high.

It’s rare for me to love every single book written by an author but when it comes to Amy Harmon…she’s the exception. This book is pure magic. Pure bliss.

“Some things cannot be healed. They must simply be endured.” Dudes, that’s life. That’s perfection. It’s classic Amy Harmon at her finest.

My imagination has never been this colorful or intrigued by a book before and I’ve been an avid reader for the past 37 years.

“Then she was lifted straight up off the ground, dangling over him from the talons of a birdman, her eyes still strangely blank, her arms reaching for him as she was propelled upward.”

Holy crap people…holy crap. Can you picture it? And I love how throughout the book…from the beginning…the message of love and lifting up your fellow man is so on point. The characters encourage one another to be strong in every way possible…and the fact that the leaders and royalty are so encouraging to their followers and people “beneath” them…so rad!

Kindness has no hierarchy…this book is inspiring.
Imagine if the world we lived in showed such radness…what a different world it would be ❤️

I think this is the first love story I’ve ever read where the readers can literally feel the emotional pain and rage that comes with being in love. You fall in love with all the great characters from beginning to end. You just can’t help but swoon from page to page. Many people who tend to read romance and character driven books, have a hard time reading “fantasy” because the writing is typically for a certain group of people…it’s been like that for years so people are programmed to think it’s not for them because they assume it’s all the same…but Amy has managed to write it in a way where people like me who don’t read fantasy can enjoy it because she writes her words in a way where everyone can understand the storyline…it’s entirely a new genre of fantasy for me, like The Bird and the Sword was. There’s an Amy Harmon element to it just like in every one of your books no matter how different they are. Haha. Does that make any sense?!?

Same goes with historical books…which she did with From Sand and Ash.

She manages to make reality dreamy and humanize fantasy. That’s pure art right there. It’s a God given gift that’s what it is.

Love is hard, but when you can feel the soul of another in your bones…you can’t help to be immersed in their spirit.

You will laugh with the soldiers who are loyal to their Kjell.
You will swoon with Kjell and Sasha.
You will go through the motions and sensations of everything that comes with falling in love.
You will see beautiful things come to life like you never imagined.

This is a must read.
This is a necessary read for the soul.

Nothing like an Amy Harmon Experience.
You’ll find yourself having a lot of AH moments ❤️

Get to it!

Purchase links:
➔ Amazon US:
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Family Time: Hide and Seek & Lessons Learned

We just played hide and seek as a family for a good solid hour…like real legit, no mercy, no taking it easy on the kids and no more “let’s act like we don’t know where they are when we do so they don’t get butthurt…” kinda hide and seek.

The players?

A 41 year old little Asian.
A 37 year old giant Russian.
A ninja like 8 year old.
A crazy giggly 6 year old.

If you saw us, you would’ve laughed your asses off.

Josh is the best by far out of all of us. He somehow climbed onto the second shelf of the linen closet and hid himself with bedsheets.

Matty got on his stomach and slid on his skateboard from under one bed to another and hid so well.

That was a great workout for our stomachs from laughing so hard. There was some butthurt crying too cause #2 is bummed he’s not as skillful in the art of H&S like #1. The #2 child syndrome is strong with this one. Has been from day one. *shrug* brothers.

Matty: I’m not playing this anymore cause Josh is better than me!
Kathy: So anytime you don’t win at something or someone is better at something than you, you’re gonna throw a fit and just quit?
Matty: Sometimes…
Kathy: No dude, that’s no reason to quit anything…just because you’re not the best at something doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing or trying. You still get positive things out of trying and just doing things…Like right now, mommy and daddy are having a blast with you guys running around the house…so enjoy it! So have fun with it and don’t take everything in life seriously or you won’t fully enjoy all the wonderful silly moments.

Dudes. As soon as those words left my mouth, I thought to myself, “Listen to yourself, dumbass…LISTEN…and enjoy all of it.”

Today was a good day.

Hope you’re having a good night too.

Moms and Dads: Let’s Breaaaaaaaathe.

Moms and dads…

I always hear people say, “The world isn’t new…it’s the same as before…and it will remain the same…”

I used to believe this…before I had kids.

But with the internet and social media all up in our faces, and taking up a lot of our time…I don’t care what anyone says, we are raising kids in an entirely different world than before.

We are so easy to think there is something wrong with our kids because there’s an endless resource of information on all things kids…and whether they are legit or not, it’s there and we’ll believe whatever we want to believe and that’s dangerous.

“Omigod, he’s 6 and he’s not reading at a genius level yet like his peers…”

“Omigod, my kid isn’t potty trained at 3 like my cousins kid…”

“Omigod, my kid isn’t in a sport like my friend’s kid who is in 3 sports teams…”

“Omigod, my kid still gets poop streaks in his underwear and he’s 7…”

“Omigod, he can’t remember to make his bed and pick up after himself…and so and so told me that her kid cleans the whole house…”


We are so quick to compare our kids intelligence and “mindfulness” with their peers…especially with things that are posted or shown on fb or shared on play dates and a lot of us start to panic…and think there is something wrong with our kids or with our own parenting.

If your kids are loved, loved, loved…and taught right from wrong with lessons of kindness, thoughtfulness and gratefulness in the home…You are doing just fine.

We are doing just fine. They will be just fine. We just have to continue to encourage and discipline them when need be, because their little heads and minds won’t do everything the “right way”  immediately. Everything takes time…even the simplest of tasks. It’s a process…just like it is for us full grown humanoids.

When they are acting like defiant little turds, call them on it and fix that crap not only for themselves but for the good of society. When they do amazing things, let them know…lift them up for that will make them do great things more often and effortlessly.

Someone I know who used to be craycray as a kid and just couldn’t sit still at all…just got accepted to start her residency at UCLA Medical Center.

How freakin rad is that!!

Mom’s and dads…let’s just breathe.

I need to calm my ass down. You need to calm yo ass down.


We will be ok. Keep on, keep on.

My Matty says poop 10 times a day, amongst other things I can’t mention 😒, he antagonizes his brother like it’s going out of style, is a perfectionist and can’t read that great yet…

My Josh thinks he’s the new Jim Carrey, he always acts like he’s up for “best dramatic actor in the world” and won’t shut up about Pokémon but who cares…they’ll get over it and we will too.

Overall, they are great kids…just like yours.

Love you long time.

A House Rooted in Love

I live in the house I grew up in since I was 5 years old.

The boys call the room that I occupied from the age of 5-31, their room now.

My mom told me years ago after I had moved out, they were having some work done in their bedroom during the cold season, so they had to sleep in my room and made a super sad discovery. My room was the coldest one in the house and they were absolutely right. But I loved it. I loved the chill at night. I’ve always loved the coldness. Well, my parents didn’t and they had to turn the heater on full blast during that night.

My mom said she knew the room was cold but my dad didn’t, and maybe it’s because he’s gotten super soft in his old age but she said, the fact that his daughter had slept in that freezing room all those years made his heart break…she said tears were shed.

“Every winter, I would go in your room and put an extra blanket on you to make sure you were ok…” she said.

And she’s absolutely right. I would often times, find myself covered in multiple blankets and wonder how it happened.

It was my mommy.

Years later, I’m doing the same for my boys…like tonight. It’s pretty cold so I just went in there and covered them with their favorite Star Wars fleece blankets, touching their sweet little cheeks and giving them a kiss on their sweet little demented heads…which I’m sure my mother did for me too.

In the very house I grew up in.
In the very room I slept in.
In the very house that was filled with an abundance of love, chaos, growth and peace.

Now I’m playing the role of mom keeping my own kids warm at night…just as my mom did for me and also raising them to have faith in God to hold onto something to keep their souls warm at night…just as my mother did and pray that I would with my own kids someday.

And honestly? These are the memories and moments that keep me warm at night as my mother’s daughter and my father’s forever little girl.

He still tells me that when he looks at me, he still sees me as the little 3 year old who would stand in front of the tv, dancing and singing her heart out along with the people on the musical variety shows they would watch.

My dad is turning 80 this year.
I’m trying to remember all the wonderful things and make some great new memories with him while I can

Just like everything in life, nothing ever really happens all at once. It happens slowly and all the sweet memories I had with my parents, I’m slowly starting to remember and relive them as I have these same moments with my own kids.

This house is already rooted in love…my parents made sure of that…and now, Mike and I are just trying to keep the branches and it’s foundation strong for Joshua and Matthew.

Full circle my friends…full circle and it’s all done in love.


Book Review: Background Music by J.R. Rogue

I’m a huge fan of J.R. Rogue’s poetry so I was curious and excited to read a book by her, and Background Music doesn’t disappoint. It grabbed me from the beginning and held my interest till the end. 

That prologue thought.


The back and forth storylines confused me a bit in the beginning but you get used to it cause the characters grow on you…so overall, it was great. I don’t typically highlight a lot of the books I read but I found myself loving so many lines from the book and highlighting again and again. 

My favorite line? 

“You can forgive someone for the crimes they have made against you for their benefit. It’s easy, and the reward is immediate, if not shallow. Then there is forgiving someone for yourself. To be free of the weight it has placed on your bones, on your soul. This was a mixture of both.”

I liked the main characters but my favorite was Kat. She is so authentic and real…her softness while being strong is all of us, I think. 

The book wasn’t only about love but about being able to move on…for the kind of happiness and life everyone deserves no matter where you come from or who you are perceived to be. It was also about putting the needs of those you truly love ahead of yours and growing as person because of it.

I really enjoyed it. The playlist is the radness too. 

I can’t wait for this book to be released and for everyone else to enjoy it. You can pre-order the kindle edition now…release date is March 9th.

I’ll also be giving away e-copies of the book on the release date.

Congrats J.R. Rogue on writing a book that made me swoon, sigh and remember what it’s like to fall in love all over again.

Happy Rad Gross Day of Love, y’all!

On this beautiful consumer friendly yet lovely gross day of all things, love you long time…it’s a great reminder for us to LOVE LOVE LOVE and try and refrain from all things poopoocacaheadness.

We are all a work in progress…some of us more than others but the end goal is the same. To be rad humans.

So just for today…

If you get the overwhelming feeling to punch someone in the throat or just look at someone and say, “Your poop stinks too, sucka, unclog them nostrils and take it in!!”

Just breathe. Calm yo ass down and remain calm.

Eat a whole thing of chocolate if it will make you the happy.
Drink a whole bottle of wine if it will make you smile.
Buy a dozen donuts and eat it all if it will make you a more pleasant person…cause dammit…

Life is too short to live in such an unhappy and unsatisfied way…so surround yourself with good, be the good and have the balls to own up to your shortcomings and make the wrongs right…if it’s worth it to you and the other person

Also, it’s the perfect day to reconnect with those you lost touch with but still think about and have prayed for throughout the years. Time can do a lot of things…like heal hearts.


And if you’re one of those people who hate looking at posts that make your eyes roll so far back into your head that you can feel Jesus…today is especially NOT the day for you to be logging onto fb. Hahahaha.

And if you’re going on a blind date tonight? As my favorite comedian Steve Byrne’s likes to say, “Not every kiss begins with Kay. Some kisses begin with lies, broken promises, jagermeister. Some kisses end in herpes, so watch out for that.”

Love you long time and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Uncomfortable but Necessary Convos with Kids

This just happened and I’m glad it happened because the world is a different place now and it’s time to stop sugar coating everything to our kids. Teach them now of how the world really works and they will be smarter and better for it.

Forget about getting into the best colleges…book smart is good but without being life smart…you’re screwed and that lesson…starts at home.

Josh: Dad, what is the most dangerous animal alive.
Kathy: People. Humans are the most dangerous.
Matty: No, some animals can tear humans apart.
Mike: But humans can kill one another with words.
Josh: Like make them drop dead right there in front of you. That would freak me out so bad.
Mike: No, but they can make someone feel like they aren’t important or loved and that’s a horrible thing to do. To make anyone feel like they are not important.
Kathy: and we are all guilty of this…mom, dad, you, Matty…all humans. But we all try not to everyday…we try and be good. It’s a struggle but we have to continuously try.
Matty: Josh, I’m sorry I told you that I didn’t want you for a brother earlier today.
Josh: I’m sorry Matty for telling you I wish Zachary was my brother instead of you.
Matty: Yeah, that made me so mad I wanted to run away and never come back.
Josh: Where were you going to go to live?
Matty: To COSTCO. They have food and everything.

We are all a work in progress. We are all guilty of speaking falsely, harshly and with cruelty.

Let’s work together to be good…to be a better example for our kids so that they may have the kind of future dreams are made of.

Anything is possible.

We ourselves are the ones that keep from changing the world with our negativity and hate.

All the poop heads can continue to be miserable and hateful and put humans against eachother. Let’s refuse to fight hate with hate.