Beauty in all that is Painfully Real…

One of the biggest life lessons I learned last year is that life is unforgiving when it comes to lessons that must be learned to sustain a broken in existence.

Life is unpredictable in its actions and you wake up every morning like its owed to you.

So we go through each day, expecting life to work itself out and daydream about things we yearn to have and think we deserve.

It’s like a drug…You try try again to relive the unreachable high that was the first time in all its pureness only to be disappointed at the end of the day having convinced ourselves that we came short to whatever was destined and set out for us.

Maybe we make the art of living hard on ourselves by standing on pedestals that can’t hold the weight of our dreams and expectations.

Maybe we make it too easy on ourselves by placing our wants and needs on the shoulders of those we have no right to use and abuse to our liking.

I envy those who have their heads so far deep in the hazy clouds that their sense of reality no matter how ridiculous it is to the naked experienced human eyes, is so very real and tangible to them. They have convinced themselves to believe wholeheartedly that every shortcomings they may possess only exist in the lives of those around them.

Ignorant people live in their own state of bliss only because they would not be able to exist in this life if they lived truthfully and owned up to their own misery.

Let’s set all pedestals on fire.
I’m eager to strike the match.
I’m ready to see them burn.

Let’s all stand firmly on the ground with no unrealistic expectations of each other and see where that kind of vulnerability takes us.

There is beauty in all that is painfully real & true.


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