A Love Poem about Breaking Wind

A few days ago, my husband posted an embarrassing poem he wrote for me when we first started dating, he was a smartass (he calls it being whimsical) then…and still is now. I’ve had requests to repost it so here it is:

“Kathy Farts Freely”
by MK.

Kathy farts freely
Her bunghole knows no bounds
I can feel the wind blow
And the blood, as it trickles from my nose
A veritable cornucopia of fuggy butt thunder
Kathy farts freely.

The dude’s been driving me crazy for the past 9 years now and there are moments when I don’t like him at all (goes both ways of course) but one thing that is constant is that I love him wholeheartedly…despite the jokes about my once planetary sized face, my habit of using and saying words incorrectly, my dictatorship at home with the kids…the list goes on and on.

One key thing that’s made our marriage and friendship work is the ability to make each other laugh even when life throws us curve balls. The recovery may be hideous but the healing is filled with laughter at each other and at ourselves.

His faith in God, growth as a husband, a dad and rad human has been inspiring to watch.

I’m proud to call him my dude.
Fart poems and all.

Can’t wait till we’re super duper old and he romantically recites Kathy Farts Freely to me while we’re drinking our Ensures and eating whatever old people eat.

Good times.

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