Putting Worth on Good Deeds and Death

I think it’s pretty asinine to tell people who they should mourn for or who should be mourned more when people die.

I hope someday we’ll all stop making eachother feel like idiots and bring ourselves down from the I’m smarter and better than you pedestal that keeps people from living in peace.

Especially when it comes to feeling whatever it is for whomever it is when they leave this earth.

We are so quick to say “Let people mourn in their own way” for some…when this should apply to everyone.

And to admire someone for their good works while they lived is not hero worship…It’s admiration for things they actually DID that we always talk about only DOING. No ones perfect, no one is dumb enough to believe anyone is but if people leave behind a legacy of goodness and kindness and it inspires us to be better people ourselves, what is so wrong with that?

Action speak louder than words.

So if you didn’t spend most of your life trying to bring peace to a broken nation or shown kindness to strangers and start a charity where you not only provided the money but also fed, clothed, held and treated the helpless and dying?

Then who are we to complain about them and make fun of those who want to respect them?

Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker were two totally different people but they both believed in peace and charity. Maybe the only thing we should talk about is how to instill those values in our lives and make ourselves better.

Thanks homies,



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