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Practicing the Art of Humility for the Greater Good

One of the greatest things about my life is the church I attend. I’ve been going to Newsong since I was 19 and now it’s even more rad because I go there with my husband and two little boys. Lead Pastor Dave Gibbons and the other great speakers at the...


Be Someone to Somebody

You know that statement “When it rains it pours?” Well, usually it’s a sporadic drizzle but right now…Holy crap and all that is craycray! It’s a freakin bloody rainstorm with flash floods and hail that punctures and leaves it’s victims in a downpour of pain and state of hopelessness. Life...


My Unicorn is Bigger Than Your Unicorn

I usually just ignore people who are plain ignorant and full of verbal diahrrea but sometimes…you have to shut them down not only for your own sanity but also for their sake because they may spew stupidity to the wrong person and get their ass kicked. I had a conversation...